Best Badminton Shoes UK: Top Picks for Optimal Performance

Badminton is a fast-paced sport that requires quick movements, sharp turns, and bursts of speed. To perform well, having the right shoes is crucial. Badminton shoes are designed to provide excellent grip, support, and cushioning to help players stay agile and prevent injuries. In the UK, the market offers a variety of badminton shoes catering to different needs and preferences.

When choosing badminton shoes, several factors are important. First, the type of material used can affect durability and comfort. For instance, synthetic materials are often lightweight and breathable, while leather offers more support. The shoe’s weight is also key, as lighter shoes allow for quicker movements. Cushioning is vital to absorb the impact from jumps and sudden stops, reducing strain on joints. Additionally, the grip of the sole ensures stability and helps prevent slipping on the court.

We evaluated numerous badminton shoes available in the UK to determine the best options for players seeking both performance and reliability.

Best Badminton Shoes UK

Discover the top badminton shoes available in the UK, carefully selected for optimum performance and comfort. Here are the best choices to keep you agile and supported on the court.

Babolat Men’s Tennis Shoes

These shoes offer excellent grip and stability for advanced badminton and indoor sports players.


  • Exceptional grip performance
  • Durable materials
  • Great impact protection


  • Price might be high
  • Some may find cushioning inadequate
  • Style might not suit everyone

Babolat Men’s Tennis Shoes are crafted to meet the needs of serious badminton players. The collaboration between Michelin and Babolat brings a three-dimensional grip that truly stands out. Whether you’re making quick stops or explosive movements, these shoes have you covered.

Comfort is another strong suit of these shoes. They come with lateral reinforcements and heel cushioning that help protect against impacts and sudden direction changes. This makes them great for intense play sessions where you’re constantly on the move.

Although they are feature-rich, the price point might be on the higher side for some. Additionally, a few users might find the cushioning lacking. Finally, while the design focuses on functionality, the style may not appeal to everyone. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Babolat Men’s Tennis Shoes are a solid pick for any dedicated badminton player.

Hundred Men’s Blade Non-Marking Shoes

A solid choice for indoor sports due to stability and versatility, though some durability concerns.


  • Lightweight and agile
  • Excellent traction
  • Versatile for multiple sports


  • Durability issues
  • Some sole pasting problems
  • Cushioning could be better

These shoes are designed to help players move quickly and confidently on the court. The light weight makes it easier to stay agile during fast-paced games. The active grip inspired by amphibians provides outstanding stability and control, which is crucial for quick direction changes.

The Hexa Foam Midsole offers comfort by being softer and more responsive than other materials. This design not only enhances performance but also reduces strain from prolonged use. The combination of TPU and Mesh for the upper ensures a balance of tough durability and breathability.

Some users have reported issues with the sole’s durability and pasting. While the shoes are lightweight and versatile for various sports, the cushioning could be improved for those who play intensively. The product is a solid choice for amateur and casual players.

ASICS Upcourt 5 Shoes

A solid pick for indoor sports enthusiasts seeking comfort and grip.


  • Excellent grip on indoor courts
  • Comfortable fit for regular feet
  • Lightweight and supportive


The ASICS Upcourt 5 Shoes offer great comfort and solid support on the court. They are particularly notable for their excellent grip, making quick movements and sudden stops easier. You can play with confidence knowing your footwear will hold up.

These shoes are designed with a breathable mesh that keeps feet cool during intense games. The durable toe and heel counter add to their long-lasting performance. However, take note that the laces might feel a bit short if you need extra room for wider feet.

While the fit is generally accurate, those with broader feet might find them a bit tight. Despite this, the overall build quality and materials used ensure they support your feet well, helping to prevent injuries during play. The sockliner, made with eco-friendly dyeing processes, is another plus for environmentally conscious buyers.

Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive Badminton Shoes

These shoes are great for anyone looking to up their badminton game with better footwork and style.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight design
  • Great grip


  • Sizes run small
  • Narrow fit
  • Not waterproof

He found the Yonex Power Cushion Cascade Drive Badminton Shoes to be a reliable choice for enhancing his game. The cushioning in these shoes is top-notch, making each step and jump comfortable and reducing the impact on his feet. Lightweight and easy to move in, they helped him stay quick on his feet during intense matches.

She noticed that the grip was exceptional, preventing any slips on the court. The stylish design also made them stand out. Despite these positives, the sizes ran a bit small and she had to order a size up for a perfect fit. Moreover, the narrow fit might not be suitable for those with wider feet.

The lack of waterproofing might be a drawback for some, but for indoor courts, it wasn’t a major issue. Overall, these shoes provided excellent performance and comfort, making them a solid choice for badminton enthusiasts.

ASICS Blade FF Men’s Badminton Shoes

These ASICS badminton shoes offer a lightweight and comfortable experience for players.



  • Limited cushioning
  • Size discrepancies
  • Limited color options

These shoes stand out due to their feather-like weight which makes quick movements on the court a breeze. Sliding and pivoting are smooth thanks to the high grip rubber sole, giving players a secure footing even during intense rallies.

The comfortable fit is another highlight, wrapping around the foot snugly. They’re easy to lace up and stay on well without needing constant adjustment. You might notice that the limited cushioning can be an issue on prolonged use, especially if you’re looking for extra support during long matches.

One downside is the size discrepancy. Some players might find them longer than expected, so it’s wise to double-check the sizing before purchasing. Additionally, the color options are rather limited, so choices are not versatile if style is a concern. Overall, these ASICS shoes are a reliable choice for badminton enthusiasts focused on performance.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best badminton shoes, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

Fit and Comfort

The fit of the shoe is essential. It needs to provide a snug feel without being too tight. Comfort is crucial, so look for shoes with good padding and support.

Sole Type

Badminton shoes typically have gum rubber soles. These provide excellent grip on indoor courts. Ensure the soles are non-marking to protect the floor.

Gum RubberExcellent grip, Non-marking


Shoes with good cushioning help absorb shock and reduce impact. Look for features like gel inserts or EVA foam midsoles for added protection.


A lighter shoe can improve agility and speed. Lightweight shoes help in quick movements on the court.


Good ankle support helps prevent injuries. Shoes with high sides or built-in ankle support are beneficial.


Shoes with mesh panels or ventilated designs will help keep feet cool and dry.


Durable materials, like reinforced toe caps, can extend the life of the shoes. This is especially important for those who play frequently.

Fit Chart

SnugSecure Feel
Slightly LooseMore Comfort

Choosing the right pair involves balancing these features to suit your playing style and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best badminton shoes involves understanding key factors like traction, fit, and durability. Players often favor shoes that suit different playing styles and surface types.

What factors should I consider when choosing badminton shoes?

When picking badminton shoes, look at the grip, cushioning, and weight. Shoes with a good grip prevent slipping, while cushioning helps absorb shock. Light shoes allow quick movements. Also, ensure a comfortable fit to avoid injuries during play.

Do professional badminton players prefer a specific type of shoe?

Professional players tend to choose shoes with excellent grip and support. Brands like Yonex and Victor are popular because they offer stability and comfort. Pros often select shoes that match their playing style, whether it’s aggressive or defensive.

How do the soles of badminton shoes impact performance on the court?

Soles play a crucial role in badminton shoes. Non-marking rubber soles provide the best traction on indoor courts, preventing falls. The right sole design can enhance speed and agility by offering better grip and support during quick movements.

What are the top-rated badminton shoes for men currently on the market?

Top-rated badminton shoes for men include models like the Yonex Power Cushion 65X, Victor SH-A920, and ASICS Gel-Rocket. These shoes are praised for their durability, comfort, and excellent grip, making them suitable for both amateur and professional players.

Can the right badminton shoes help improve my game?

Wearing the right badminton shoes can improve your game by enhancing your stability, speed, and agility. Good shoes provide the necessary support and cushioning, helping you move quickly and comfortably around the court. This can reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance.

Is there a significant difference between Yonex models for amateur and professional players?

Yes, Yonex offers different models tailored to the needs of various players. Amateur models may focus more on comfort and affordability. Professional models, on the other hand, often boast advanced features like enhanced support, superior grip, and better cushioning designed for high-level play.

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