Best Shoe Laces for Durability and Style

Shoe laces are an essential part of any footwear, providing both function and style. They keep shoes snug and secure, offering the support needed for everyday activities. Whether you’re a runner, a hiker, or just someone who wants their shoes to stay on their feet, the right shoe laces can make a big difference.

Shoe laces come in various materials, lengths, and designs. Some are specifically made for sports, while others are crafted for casual or formal wear. Key things to think about when choosing shoe laces include durability, comfort, and ease of use. You can find laces made from cotton, polyester, or even specialized materials like Kevlar. Length matters too, as laces that are too short or too long can be inconvenient.

We spent countless hours identifying the best shoe laces to ensure your shoes stay secure and comfortable.

Best Shoe Laces

We’ve reviewed and selected the best shoe laces available on the market. Check out our top picks below.

DELELE Round Wave Shape Non Slip Shoelaces

This product offers a durable and reliable solution for anyone in need of high-quality shoelaces.


  • Stay securely tied throughout the day
  • Stylish with a wave concave design
  • Extra durable, great for outdoor activities


  • Slight variation in length
  • Occasional defective pair
  • Not water-resistant

We recently tried the DELELE Round Wave Shape Non Slip Shoelaces and were quite impressed. The design is not just for looks but also ensures the laces don’t slip, which is essential during outdoor activities. These shoelaces kept our boots snug and secure on long hikes, avoiding the frustration of constantly having to retie them.

What stood out the most was the durability. These laces feel sturdy and are thicker than the typical shoelaces that come with new shoes. This makes them perfect for heavy-duty use, which is exactly what we needed for outdoor adventures.

On the downside, some of the laces came with slight length inconsistencies. One pair measured longer than expected, which can be annoying when aiming for a precise fit. Nonetheless, the performance and look of these laces outweigh this minor inconvenience. Overall, we found these shoelaces to be a significant upgrade in both style and function for our outdoor footwear.

UpUGo Flat Shoelaces

This is a solid choice for those looking to replace their shoelaces with stylish and sturdy ones.


  • Comes in a pack of three pairs
  • Available in multiple lengths and colors
  • Easy to install on various types of shoes


  • May be too short for some needs
  • Possible confusion about included colors
  • Need to measure old laces accurately to get the right length

We recently replaced our old shoelaces with the UpUGo Flat Shoelaces. They come in a pack of three pairs, which is quite cost-effective. The variety of length and color options available means there’s something for everyone.

These laces are sturdy and hold up well with different types of shoes, from sneakers to casual shoes. We found them very easy to install, and they add a nice touch of elegance to the shoes.

One minor issue is that you need to measure your old laces carefully to ensure you get the right size. Some users might find the 30″ length too short, especially for larger shoes. Overall, these laces are a great way to refresh your footwear.

Aiboxin No Tie Elastic Shoe Laces

These shoe laces are a convenient upgrade for anyone looking to simplify their footwear routine.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great for all ages
  • Variety of colors


  • Connector can be tricky
  • Elastic might wear over time
  • Screw too small for some users

These no tie laces are a game changer for busy mornings. We found them extremely easy to install, and they fit snugly on various types of shoes. From kids to adults, everyone in our family can benefit from these elastic laces. They save time and effort by turning any pair into slip-ons.

Another great feature is the range of colors available. It’s fun to mix and match with different shoes and outfits. Whether we are using them on running shoes or casual sneakers, they always add a stylish touch.

A minor issue we noticed was the small screw in the connector. It can be a bit fiddly, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Also, while the elastic holds up well, extended use may cause some stretching. Despite these drawbacks, the convenience and ease they bring make them a valuable addition to our shoe closet.

DELELE Athletic Shoe Laces

These are a durable and versatile set of shoe laces perfect for enhancing any athletic footwear.


  • Long-lasting material
  • Wide range of colors
  • Good value for two pairs


  • Color may slightly differ from the pictures
  • Somewhat difficult to thread through small eyelets
  • The plastic tips can sometimes be fragile

These DELELE Athletic Shoe Laces have proven to be resilient and maintained their brightness, even after several months of use. The wide variety of colors allowed us to pick the perfect match for our running shoes. Furthermore, the polyester material feels tough and durable, handling daily wear and tear with ease.

One thing we noticed was a slight color difference from the online images, possibly due to different computer displays. While this wasn’t a major issue for us, it is something to keep in mind if you are set on an exact shade. Additionally, we found the plastic tips a bit finicky, especially when threading through smaller eyelets, but they held up overall once secured.

Overall, these laces offer good value, with each pack containing two pairs. We appreciated this cost-efficiency, considering the quality and performance provided. If you need reliable and vivid laces to complement your athletic shoes, these are definitely worth considering.

ZHENTOR Elastic Shoe Laces

These laces are a fantastic option for anyone tired of constantly re-tying their shoes.


  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable fit
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Difficult latch installation
  • Adjusting length can be tricky
  • May wear out quickly

We recently tried the ZHENTOR Elastic Shoe Laces, and they’re a game-changer for our daily routine. The elastic memory fit material molds well to our feet, providing both comfort and support. They’re especially great for athletic and casual shoes, making them versatile for various activities like running and hiking.

Installing these laces was mostly hassle-free. We only had a bit of a challenge with the screw lock, but nothing a little patience couldn’t handle. Once in place, they stayed secure, freeing us from the hassle of tying and re-tying our laces throughout the day.

We noticed that while they’re very convenient for kids and adults alike, they do have a tendency to wear out quicker than we’d like, particularly under heavy use. Despite this, the comfort and ease they provide make them a worthy investment.

Buying Guide

When we buy shoe laces, there are important features to consider.


Different materials have various benefits. Common options include:

  • Cotton: Soft and natural.
  • Nylon: Strong and durable.
  • Leather: Stylish but less flexible.

Choosing the right material can affect comfort and longevity.


Shoe laces come in various lengths. Here’s a quick reference:

Shoe TypeRecommended Length
Dress Shoes24 to 30 inches
Sneakers45 to 54 inches
Boots63 to 72 inches

It’s important to measure our old laces to get the right length.


The width of shoe laces can change the look and feel. Thin laces work well with dress shoes, while thicker ones are better for casual or sports shoes.

  • Thin (1/4 inch): Dress shoes
  • Medium (3/8 inch): Sneakers
  • Thick (1/2 inch): Boots and sports shoes

Color and Style

The color and style of laces can show our personality. Classic colors like black or brown are versatile. Bright colors and patterns can make shoes stand out.

Tips for Choosing

  • Match or Contrast: Decide if we want laces to blend in or stand out.
  • Waxed Laces: These resist water and dirt, making them practical for outdoor use.

By considering these features, we can find the best shoe laces for our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the most durable materials for shoe laces, choosing laces for athletic footwear, and recommendations for boots, sneakers, and designer shoes.

What materials are most durable for shoe laces?

Nylon and polyester are the most durable materials for shoe laces. They resist wear and tear better than cotton. Leather laces, though less common, also offer great durability.

How do you choose the best shoe laces for athletic footwear?

For athletic footwear, it’s important to pick laces that stay tied and are comfortable. Round polyester laces are usually the best choice because they are strong and can handle lots of activity.

Which type of shoe laces are best suited for boots?

For boots, consider round or oval laces made from tough materials like leather or polyester. They need to be sturdy enough to handle the stress of outdoor activities and provide a secure fit.

What are the advantages of flat laces over oval ones?

Flat laces provide a more even pressure across the top of the shoe, which can increase comfort. They also tend to stay tied longer than oval laces, making them a popular choice for everyday footwear.

Which shoelace styles are recommended for a secure fit in sneakers?

For a secure fit in sneakers, we recommend oval or round laces. These styles are less likely to come undone, keeping the shoe snug on your foot during activities.

What are the best laces to use for designer shoes like Jordans?

For designer shoes like Jordans, flat cotton or rope laces are often the best choice. They offer a clean, stylish look and can be easily replaced when worn out, maintaining the shoe’s appearance.

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