Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis for Men Available in India: Top Picks for Comfort and Support

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common sources of heel pain, and it arises when the flat band of tissue along the sole of the foot becomes inflamed. For anyone experiencing this discomfort, finding the right footwear is crucial, as it can significantly impact one’s daily comfort and mobility. Specifically, slippers designed for those with plantar fasciitis provide critical support to the arch and cushioning to the heel, helping to alleviate pain and promote healing during times of rest or while moving about the home.

When shopping for slippers suitable for plantar fasciitis in men, the key elements to consider include arch support, heel cushioning, the firmness of the midsole, and the overall design of the slipper. A deep heel cup is also essential as it helps distribute pressure evenly across the foot, which can lessen the strain on the plantar fascia. Additionally, the material should be durable yet comfortable, and the construction should be sturdy to ensure the slipper maintains its supportive qualities over time.

In the Indian market, various slippers cater to the needs of individuals with plantar fasciitis. While personal comfort and fit are subjective, we’ve found that the best options offer a balance between firm support and a cushioned, ergonomic footbed that molds to the contours of the foot. It’s important to try on several pairs to determine which slippers provide the individual comfort and support required for one’s specific foot shape.

We have dedicated our research to analyzing numerous slippers, focusing on those with the most beneficial features for managing plantar fasciitis. Our thorough evaluations have ensured we only recommend slippers that combine the critical elements of support, comfort, and lasting quality.

Top Picks for Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

We understand the discomfort that comes with plantar fasciitis and how the right pair of slippers can make a significant difference. Our selection focuses on providing support, cushioning, and a comfortable fit to alleviate pain. The list below includes top-rated slippers that are designed to cater to the needs of individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis and are readily available in India.

MAIITRIP Memory Foam Slippers

We recommend these slippers for comforting relief from plantar fasciitis discomfort.


  • Exceptional support for all-day wear
  • Reliable non-slip outsole for safety
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • May require sizing up for the perfect fit
  • Some stretching out with frequent use
  • Limited color options available

Stepping into the MAIITRIP Men’s Memory Foam House Slippers feels like a respite for your feet. The memory foam insole contours to the foot, providing instant relief from the day’s rigors. If you’re battling plantar fasciitis, these slippers offer the necessary support to ease pain.

The robust rubber sole presents a confident stride around the house or while fetching the morning newspaper. It’s reassuring to know that these can handle a quick step outside without any concern for slippage or damage to the sole.

A word of caution on sizing – it’s prudent to order a size up to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. In my experience, these slippers seem to expand a bit with daily use. Nonetheless, the initial fit was perfect, cradling my feet in pillowy softness right from the start.

GECKO MAN Canvas Loafers

We believe these GECKO MAN loafers are a solid choice for those dealing with plantar fasciitis, as they offer both comfort and supportive features.


  • Exceptional arch support and heel cup design address foot pain and posture
  • Versatile style that transitions from loafers to casual slippers effortlessly
  • Durable non-slip rubber sole provides stability on various terrains


  • Sizing may not be consistent with standard measurements
  • Not suitable for machine washing, which could affect long-term maintenance
  • May be too wide for individuals with narrow feet

Sliding into these GECKO MAN loafers felt like a reprieve for my feet. The arch support conformed to my foot contours, providing relief from the sharp jabs of plantar fasciitis. Wearing them throughout a hectic day kept my feet at ease, which is a testament to the shoe’s thoughtful design.

The foldable heel is a standout feature, transforming the shoes into slippers with ease. This adaptability earned them a permanent spot by my door, ready to offer comfort whether I’m dashing out for errands or unwinding at home.

Though they tick the right boxes for foot health, it’s important to note the sizing issue. I recommend checking the size chart carefully or even going for a trial to find the perfect fit. The extra effort is worth it, given the snug, supportive embrace these loafers offer. Despite their no-machine-wash policy, a quick wipe down keeps them looking fresh. If your feet are on the narrower side, you might find them a tad roomy, but a thick pair of socks could solve that slip.

All said, our feet have felt the comfort and support of the GECKO MAN loafers, and we’ve become quite fond of their relaxed, pain-relieving stroll.

Men’s Canvas House Slippers with Arch Support

We feel these slippers strike a beautiful balance between comfort for plantar fasciitis sufferers and everyday usability.


  • Exceptional arch support and heel cup for pain relief
  • Durable, non-slip sole suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to slip on with a stylish, casual design


  • May run larger than expected
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Velvet lining may not suit hot climates

Grabbing these slippers felt like stepping into a personal comfort zone tailor-made for my feet. The arch support cradled my soles, providing relief from the piercing sting of plantar fasciitis. Having used them after long days, I can attest to their therapeutic benefits. The deep heel cup aligned my feet in a way that alleviated discomfort, a respite I was keen to indulge in every day.

The versatility of these slippers is another standout feature. I’ve shuffled from my home office to the patio without a slip, all thanks to the robust rubber sole. The frayed canvas upper adds an element of laid-back style that doesn’t scream “medical aid,” allowing me to wear them unselfconsciously. Whether it’s fetching the morning paper or a quick walk to the backyard, they’ve been a steadfast companion.

One must, however, be mindful of sizing. I noticed they offer a generous fit, which might not be ideal for everyone. The investment can be a slight deterrent for the budget-conscious shopper, but it’s a worthy expenditure for the relief they bring. And while the snug velvet lining felt luxurious during cooler weather, I did wonder if it might prove too warm in the heat of summer.

Orthofeet Vito Slippers

If you’re struggling with plantar fasciitis, we’d highly recommend the Orthofeet Vito Slippers for their comfort and support.


  • Exceptional support for plantar fasciitis relief
  • Hands-free slip-on design enhances convenience
  • Durable and warm, making them ideal for home use


  • Can feel too warm in hot weather
  • Heavier than standard slippers
  • Priced higher than many competitors

Having recently experienced relentless heel pain from plantar fasciitis, we understand the crucial role of a supportive slipper. Fortunately, the Orthofeet Vito Slippers are a game-changer. The instant relief felt when the orthotic insoles cushion and support the arch is like a therapeutic hug for your feet. The roomy toe box also ensures any bunions or toe issues are not aggravated; a thoughtful touch.

These slippers are incredibly easy to slip on and off without the need to bend down, a feature we appreciate greatly after a long day. The water-repellant leather and faux fur interior add to the premium quality experience, making every step around the house both cozy and soothing.

However, the slippers’ snug warmth, while perfect for cooler climes, may be a bit much during warmer days. They’re also on the heavier side, which takes a little getting used to, and they come with a price tag that’s a bit steep. Yet, for those of us needing specialized footwear for plantar fasciitis, the cost is justified by the comfort and relief they provide. Choosing the Orthofeet Vito Slippers means investing in our foot health, and our feet have never felt better for it.

ERGOfoot Orthotic Slippers

We find these ERGOfoot Orthotic Slippers are a solid choice for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, providing ample support in a cozy, easy-to-wear clog.


  • Supportive, with memory foam and arch support ideal for plantar fasciitis
  • Breathable material paired with a comfortable fit, suitable for extended wear
  • Versatility for indoor and outdoor use with a durable, non-skid rubber sole


  • Some may find the arch support too pronounced
  • Might be snug, consider sizing up if planning to wear with thicker socks
  • Limited heel cushioning could be an issue for those with severe plantar fasciitis

Wearing these ergonomic slippers feels like a treat for your feet after a long day. The structure is designed thoughtfully, keeping comfort at the forefront. When slipping into these clog-style slippers, the arch support immediately stands out. It’s substantial and lends the support you’d expect from a therapeutic shoe, not just a slipper.

The fabric is breathable, making these slippers suitable for all-day use without worry of overheating. The terry lining is soft, complementing the comfortable footbed rather nicely. As someone who often makes quick trips outside, the slippers’ durable rubber outsole is appreciated, easily transitioning from home to the driveway without fear of slipping.

However, for all the talk of comfort, there is one area that doesn’t quite meet expectations: heel cushioning. While the support is excellent, those with acute heel pain from plantar fasciitis may find it lacking. If you’re in between sizes or like wearing socks indoors, you may want to consider going a size up. The snug fit is great for stability but leaves little room for extra bulk.

Buying Guide

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

We recognize that selecting the right slippers for plantar fasciitis is crucial to providing relief from heel pain. Therefore, it is important to focus on slippers that offer good arch support and a deep heel cup to reduce stress on the plantar fascia.

Key Features to Consider

Arch Support: A strong, contoured arch support is vital for cushioning and distributing pressure evenly across the foot.

Heel Cushioning: Look for slippers with adequate heel cushioning to absorb shock and support the heel.

Material: Select materials that are breathable and gentle on the skin to prevent irritation.

Fit: Ensure the slippers fit snugly without being too tight to avoid additional strain on the feet.

Sole: The outer sole should be flexible, yet sturdy, providing good grip to prevent slipping.

Adjustability: Adjustable straps or a wide toe box can accommodate swelling and offer a better fit.

FeatureWhy it’s Important
Arch SupportReduces pain and distributes pressure
Heel CushioningAbsorbs impact and supports the heel
MaterialEnsures comfort and prevents irritation
FitAvoids additional strain on the foot
SoleProvides flexibility and grip
AdjustabilityAccommodates foot changes and swelling

Where to Shop

We suggest looking for retailers that specialize in orthopedic footwear or have a dedicated section for foot health. Online shops often provide detailed product descriptions and reviews which can be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right slippers for men with plantar fasciitis can lead to improved comfort and pain relief. We’ll address some common concerns and provide insights to guide your purchase in India.

What are the top-rated men’s slippers for managing plantar fasciitis available in India?

In India, Ortho + Rest and Dr. Foot are known for their top-rated slippers designed to ease plantar fasciitis. Both brands emphasize heel support and cushioning which are critical for managing plantar fasciitis.

Which brands offer the best support in men’s slippers for plantar fasciitis when shopping on Indian Amazon?

Brands like Adidas and Nike, available on Amazon India, offer slippers with ample arch support and cushioning, that are beneficial for men with plantar fasciitis. Their specialized footwear often includes ergonomic footbeds and shock-absorbing soles.

What features should I look for in slippers to alleviate heel pain for men?

Look for slippers with a deep heel cup, supportive arch, and a cushioned sole. Slippers that feature orthotic insoles and a rigid midsole can also greatly reduce heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Are there any specific medically recommended slippers for men with plantar fasciitis sold in India?

Medically recommended slippers for plantar fasciitis typically have the endorsement of podiatrists. Scholl and Dr. Comfort are examples of brands available in India that offer medically recommended options designed for foot pain relief.

How do I choose the right size in men’s slippers for plantar fasciitis relief when shopping online?

To choose the correct size, measure your foot length accurately and refer to the brand’s sizing chart. It’s important to consider slippers that offer adjustable features, such as Velcro straps, to ensure a snug fit that can accommodate foot swelling throughout the day.

Can you suggest any men’s slippers for plantar fasciitis that also provide good arch support?

We recommend looking into brands like Ortho + Rest and Dr. Scholl’s. They craft men’s slippers with enhanced arch support which is crucial for those suffering from plantar fasciitis to maintain proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the fascia ligament.

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