Best Glue for Shoe Soles: Top Picks for Durable Repair

Shoe soles are a crucial part of any footwear. When they start to come loose, it can be both annoying and dangerous. Fixing them with the right glue can extend the life of your shoes and save you money. The best glue for shoe soles can bond different types of materials like rubber, leather, and fabric together strongly.

There are several types of glue made specifically for shoe repairs. Some provide quick drying times, while others offer more flexibility and durability. When picking a glue, consider factors such as drying time, flexibility, and resistance to water. It’s also important that the glue is non-toxic, especially if you’re planning on using it indoors.

We spent considerable time researching and testing different glues to find out which ones work best for shoe soles.

Best Glues for Shoe Soles

We’ve tested and researched to bring you the top glues for repairing shoe soles. Our list features products that are reliable, strong, and easy to use.

Sof Sole Shoe Goo

This is a solid choice for anyone looking to fix shoe soles quickly and effectively.


  • Excellent for leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas
  • Bonds securely even when exposed to water
  • Adds extra traction to soles


  • Can be messy to apply
  • Doesn’t work well with all types of fabric
  • Takes time to dry completely

Using Sof Sole Shoe Goo, we noticed its versatility on different materials like leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas. The bond it creates is strong and lasting, and it remains secure even in wet conditions. We found it particularly useful for patching small holes and adding extra traction to worn soles.

One thing to be aware of is that the application can get a bit messy. The adhesive can be runny, so it takes some practice to use it neatly. Additionally, it may not adhere well to certain fabrics like canvas, which limits its effectiveness on some types of shoes.

Despite these minor issues, the drying time is a consideration. It doesn’t dry instantly, so you need to be patient. Overall, though, if you need a reliable adhesive to fix your shoes, this is a trustworthy option.

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue is a handy solution for quick and durable shoe repairs.


  • Strong and flexible bond
  • Dries clear quickly
  • Works in various temperatures


  • May need clamping despite claims
  • Not ideal for large gaps
  • Can be messy if not applied carefully

We’ve found this glue to be impressive for various shoe repairs. It works quickly and the bond remains flexible, which is a major advantage. The clear drying feature is also a bonus, ensuring a neat fix without any noticeable glue marks.

Its application is straightforward. Simply clean the area, apply the glue, and press the parts together. While it’s advertised that no clamping is needed, we did find that for the best results, a bit of pressure helped, especially with tougher repairs.

Overall, Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue is a reliable go-to for anyone looking to repair their footwear quickly and efficiently.

Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

This shoe glue stands out for its reliability and ease of use.


  • Quick drying
  • Strong bond
  • Versatile use


  • Pricey for the amount
  • Can be messy
  • Small bottle size

We’ve used Boot-Fix Shoe Glue on various shoe types, and it delivered excellent results each time. It dries quickly and forms a strong bond, making it perfect for fast fixes. Our experience shows that it works well on different materials, so you don’t need multiple types of glue.

On the downside, the price is a bit high for the small size. The bottle can also be tricky to handle, so using gloves is a good idea. Despite these minor issues, the glue’s effectiveness justifies the cost for us.

This glue has saved us the cost of new shoes on several occasions. If you’re looking for a reliable product, you should consider giving Boot-Fix a try.

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

This glue is a reliable choice for anyone needing to repair their favorite shoes or boots.


  • Waterproof bond
  • Effective on various materials
  • Includes useful applicator tools


  • Strong odor
  • Long drying time
  • Can be messy to use

We tested the Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive on a pair of old sneakers. The glue provided a secure hold, improving the shoes’ lifespan significantly. It works well on leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas, making it versatile.

The applicator tools included are handy for spreading the glue evenly. This helps ensure a neat and professional finish. The waterproof seal is a big plus, especially if you use your shoes in wet conditions.

On the downside, there is a noticeable strong odor when you first apply it. It also takes some time to dry completely, so patience is needed. Additionally, the glue can be a bit messy if not handled carefully. Overall, it’s a solid choice for shoe repairs.


This glue is a reliable choice for anyone needing to repair shoe soles quickly and effectively.


  • Strong and flexible bond
  • Precise application tips
  • Safe and non-toxic


  • Can glue fingers together easily
  • Requires careful handling
  • May need to clean up excess glue

We recently tried the SAPBOND Shoe Glue and found it to be exceptionally strong and versatile. This glue is perfect for giving your favorite shoes a new life. Its quick-dry formula impressed us with how fast it bonded the shoe soles together.

The precision tips that come with this glue make it easy to apply exactly where needed. This level of control helps avoid mess and ensures the glue goes only where you want it. We’re pleased with how this feature adds to the overall usability of the product.

Although the glue is very strong, be cautious, as it can easily glue your fingers together. It’s non-toxic and safe, yet we had to use acetone to clean up a small mishap. This product shows that it’s capable of lasting, durable repairs and is definitely a solid choice for shoe repairs.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best glue for shoe soles, we need to consider several key factors. These help ensure we get strong, durable, and flexible results.

Strength and Durability

We need glue that bonds strongly and lasts long. Look for adhesives that mention words like “industrial strength” or “heavy-duty.” These indicate a strong bond.


Shoes bend and flex when we walk, so the glue must not crack or break. It’s important to choose a glue that stays flexible even after drying.

Water Resistance

Our shoes will encounter water at some point. A waterproof or water-resistant glue is essential to prevent the bond from weakening when wet.

Drying Time

Some glues dry quickly, while others take several hours. Depending on how fast we need our shoes, we should check the drying time before choosing.

Ease of Use

A glue with a simple application process is best. We should look for user-friendly packaging, like squeeze tubes or brush applicators.


Lastly, consider the safety of the glue. Ensure it is non-toxic and safe to use indoors. Look for labels indicating the product is free from harmful chemicals.

Strength & DurabilityEnsures a long-lasting bond
FlexibilityPrevents cracking with movement
Water ResistanceKeeps bond strong in wet conditions
Drying TimeDetermines how soon shoes can be used
Ease of UseSimple application and cleanup
SafetyNon-toxic and safe indoors

By considering these features, we can find the best glue for our shoe soles.

Frequently Asked Questions

When fixing shoe soles, it’s important to use the right glue to ensure strong and lasting results. Below, we address common questions about the best glues for shoe sole repairs.

What qualities should the best glue for repairing shoe soles possess?

The best glue should have strong bonding power, flexibility, and water resistance. It should also dry clear and quickly to minimize wait time.

Can Urethane rubber adhesives be used effectively for shoe sole repairs?

Yes, urethane rubber adhesives work well for shoe sole repairs. They provide durable, flexible bonds and are resistant to water and extreme temperatures.

How does Loctite compare to other shoe adhesives in terms of bonding durability?

Loctite is known for its strong bonding durability. It holds up well under stress and doesn’t break down easily. Compared to other adhesives, it is reliable for heavy-duty repairs.

Is there a professional-grade shoe glue recommended for long-lasting sole attachment?

Shoe Goo is a top choice for professional-grade repairs. It provides a strong, flexible bond that lasts. It’s especially popular for its water-resistant qualities and clear finish.

What steps should be followed to properly glue shoe soles back together?

First, clean the surfaces to remove dirt. Apply the glue evenly and press the sole and shoe together firmly. Use clamps or heavy objects to hold the bond while it cures. Check the glue instructions for drying times.

Are there specific shoe glues that outperform Gorilla Glue for shoe sole repair?

Barge All-Purpose Cement is often preferred over Gorilla Glue for shoe repairs. It provides a stronger and more flexible bond, making it better suited for the movement of shoe soles.

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