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haflinger clogs slippers

haflinger slippers

haflinger clogs

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Products by HAFLINGER focus on providing a healthy foot climate through insulation and breathability, crucial for a balanced and energy conserving lifestyle. Arch support is a very important feature and something the brand is famous for. Haflinger slippers have a thick felted outsole, softer than its cork relations and very popular for the softness of the step.


Machine wash warm with mild detergent on gentle cycle for 5 minutes. Machine dry gently for several minutes to release excess moisture. Stuff slipper with paper overnight and allow to air-dry.


All-natural materials, such as boiled wool and wool felt, are real miracles of breathability, flexibility, and sturdiness promising to keep your feet pleasantly dry and ventilated at all times, snuggly warm throughout a cold winter and nicely cooled during a hot summer. The popular women’s and men’s wool felt clog comes in different varieties and sizes, but always with the same reliable and healthy cork-latex footbed that will mold to the shape of your feet and support your arches.


Machine wash warm with mild detergent on gentle cycle for 5 minutes. Machine dry gently for several minutes to release excess moisture. Stuff slipper with paper overnight and allow to air-dry.


The slipper boot formerly popular amongst wandering folk, HAFLINGER has turned it into a part of thousands of happy households all over the world. Contrary to HAFLINGER clogs and house slippers, these wonderfully warm and inclusive sock-like hybrids are made almost entirely of boiled wool. The yarn is knit before it is felted, giving it a very special and unique structure. Boiled wool is much softer and flexible, but equally breathable and insulating.


Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. For heavier dirt build up, spot with a damp cloth and brush gently. We do not recommend that you apply chemicals or soaps to the wool felt-this could compromise the natural breathability and strength of the felt.

wool slippers

wool clogs

felt slippers

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10 reviews for HAFLINGER Magic Clog Slippers

  1. Fran

    Fit perfectly . Very cute and comfortable.

  2. Nanny

    I’m reading reviews of slippers, trying to find a supportive slipper for my elderly mom, all the while wearing these clogs that I purchased 6 years ago. The wool has separated at the back of my foot, and I’ve worn down the sole a little. I can’t bear to toss these slippers even though I have a new pair in my closet. I wear these constantly when I’m home, and I’m home a lot. I don’t travel without them, and I’ve worn these to appointments, forgetting that I had on my indoor shoes. I get foot pain and stress fractures when I wear flat shoes, and these and my Chaco sandals are the most supportive and comfortable shoes/slippers that I have found. I have a short, wide foot, and I wrote that they’re a little large because I know that it’s hard to find a shoe that fits me. They fit my wide foot, and the arch strikes my foot perfectly, taking the pressure off stress fractures in the front of my foot. I just had to leave a review that these are worth the money. Once you get the size right, they’ll continue to form to your feet and give you amazing support. Six years is a long time!

  3. hat1102

    This is the best show ever, so comfy yet ergonomic. They keep your feet warm in the winter yet cool in the summer which I have no idea how that’s possible. I think they are very cute but have had people ask me if they are slippers, I may wear them as slippers too, but they are definitely wearable shoes. 3 bouts of plantar fasciitis and not being able to walk for 6 months without a walking cast and “cute” goes out the window, although I think these are adorable regardless.

  4. Nancy Gallo

    Great shoes but the sizing is wrong. I wear a 7 always . They said I needed a size 38. No way. I just got a 36 and it fit perfectly

  5. bagglady

    Love these shoes. This is my third pair of Haflingers and I wouldn’t buy any other kind of slippers to wear at home. They are comfortable and last forever. I had my last pair for 3 years and they are still fine. This pair fits better. I have a narrow foot and this style fits great. These shoes run wide but due to my rheumatoid I don’t mind them a tad loose.

  6. Lisa W.

    These and well made and stylish for a comfortable clog. So many cute styles I had a hard time choosing which pair I wanted. Very comfortable. I would buy more if I didn’t already have too many pairs of shoes.

  7. Mittenchops

    I ordered these because my previous pair–exactly like the item advertised except it had the usual Haflinger sole–wore through the bottom. I had worn them across the yard a few times and accidentally wore them out shopping twice. I love Haflinger’s, but thought the sole should have lasted longer than a year, even with those few times out. So I was excited to try the ones with the more rugged-looking black sole.The first order came, and I opened the box to find they weren’t as pictured in the listing. They had the usual tan sole. I sent them back and asked to have them send the ones they had advertised.The second pair came–and again, they were NOT the shoes advertised. They were the pair with the normal tan sole. I tried again to request the pair that had been advertised, but this time Amazon only gave me the option to return them. I could not get the correct replacement.I noticed that the price had increased substantially from when I first tried ordering them. Is that why the seller doesn’t want to make this right? Now I either have to keep a pair that I’m worried will wear out too quickly, or make yet another trip to Kohl’s , stand in line again, and send them back. I feel let down by both Amazon and Haflinger’s and definitely felt that a bait-and-switch was pulled on me.

  8. Ann

    This is my second pair of this particular style. My original pair are about 16 months old and continue to be outstanding. The only issue I’ve had with them is that the heels have just worn down to the cork due to my walk pattern. Knowing I’ll be without them when I take them to be re-soled, I purchased a second pair. I have literally worn my original pair daily over the past 16 months–most all day every day except for a few days in the height of summer. The arch support in these is fantastic! I will never buy anything other than Haflinger slippers, because they provide such amazing support, and the cork bed keeps my feet from aching. Having foot problems, these are such a pleasure to put on that I may buy a 3rd pair to wear outside of the house. These are well worth the money!

  9. Redgirl

    I was wearing socks with my birkenstock florida sandals and it’s getting too cold for that. I researched like crazy between these and birks with shearling – in fact, had a quick chance to try those on and felt like it wasn’t for me. Decided to go with these Haflinger wool and I love them. They look great and I would have given them 5 stars but, in truth, they are kind of wide. If Haflinger ever gets into a narrow version, I’ll give them all 5 starts. They will be perfect for wearing all winter in our Brooklyn house to keep my toes warm and my arches happy but I can’t wear them out and walking because the too-wide nature of them make them a bit floppy for me. I’m an 8 1/2 and the 39 is perfect in length. Also, they are so light on my feet. My husband and daughter just loved this navy blue combo pattern.

  10. Mark Shillling

    I really do love these shoes I have five pairs of them and wear them to work for I stand about 80% of the time. You’re on your feet a lot these are great shoes Any very worth the price. Being that they are made out of wool your feet do not sweat or smell.Make sure you know what size you wear in European sizes.

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