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haflinger clogs slippers

haflinger slippers

haflinger clogs

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Products by HAFLINGER focus on providing a healthy foot climate through insulation and breathability, crucial for a balanced and energy conserving lifestyle. Arch support is a very important feature and something the brand is famous for. Haflinger slippers have a thick felted outsole, softer than its cork relations and very popular for the softness of the step.


Machine wash warm with mild detergent on gentle cycle for 5 minutes. Machine dry gently for several minutes to release excess moisture. Stuff slipper with paper overnight and allow to air-dry.


All-natural materials, such as boiled wool and wool felt, are real miracles of breathability, flexibility, and sturdiness promising to keep your feet pleasantly dry and ventilated at all times, snuggly warm throughout a cold winter and nicely cooled during a hot summer. The popular women’s and men’s wool felt clog comes in different varieties and sizes, but always with the same reliable and healthy cork-latex footbed that will mold to the shape of your feet and support your arches.


Machine wash warm with mild detergent on gentle cycle for 5 minutes. Machine dry gently for several minutes to release excess moisture. Stuff slipper with paper overnight and allow to air-dry.


The slipper boot formerly popular amongst wandering folk, HAFLINGER has turned it into a part of thousands of happy households all over the world. Contrary to HAFLINGER clogs and house slippers, these wonderfully warm and inclusive sock-like hybrids are made almost entirely of boiled wool. The yarn is knit before it is felted, giving it a very special and unique structure. Boiled wool is much softer and flexible, but equally breathable and insulating.


Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. For heavier dirt build up, spot with a damp cloth and brush gently. We do not recommend that you apply chemicals or soaps to the wool felt-this could compromise the natural breathability and strength of the felt.

wool slippers

wool clogs

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Weight 1,05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 6 cm
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‎ 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 1.05 Pounds

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‎ 313039

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‎ womens

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‎ July 30, 2016


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‎ Haflinger

10 reviews for HAFLINGER Coffee Slipper

  1. Patricia K. Whitely

    Totally warm and comfy and adorable‼️

  2. Catherine

    I bought my first pair of these at least 3 years ago. Are they sleek? Are they sexy? Well, no…BUT, these are the best pair of slippers that I have ever owned! They are extremely comfortable, both in winter and summer. I used to wear slip-on sneakers around the house but these have become my everyday go-to for wearing indoors. They have held up amazingly well, and have just recently started losing the little grippy pattern on the bottom of the soles that keep the shoe from slipping on smooth floors. I have to admit, it was kind of fun doing step-and-glide moves around the kitchen, but it gets a little dangerous when walking quickly through the house and stepping from a carpeted area to the wood floor…at my age, unexpected slips are at the top of my list of things to avoid. So I finally ordered a replacement pair…I was so happy the coffee pattern was still available! Love, love, love these well-made and comfortable slippers!

  3. Biscuit

    Cute, warm, wooly and cozy. I wear a 6.5 B shoe size, bought size 36, and it fit perfectly on me. My feet, standing on a straight-edge ruler, are 9″ long and my feet fit right inside the raised back edge of the slippers. They are plenty wide for me and the arch hits in the right spot. They are house slippers so I will not be wearing out of the house; they should last a few years. They are very well-made.Initially, not sure which size to get, I went down rather than up. I prefer a neat, rather than sloppy fit. Sizing depends on the length, shape and width of your feet so that should be taken in consideration. If your feet are wide or you have a high instep, then the next size would be best. (A little bit of knowledge as I worked in shoe sales.)Two months later: Toasty toes, holding up well. Eased up a bit in width, but not a problem. Not sure what people are doing to them if falling apart in a matter of weeks.Year and a half later, they’re all stretched out in daily wear. So much for a neat fit. Will need a new pair soon.

  4. Joan S

    Love these slippers! Very comfy with a nice arch. They’re also flexible and not chunky, which is exactly what I was looking for. I also liked that they’re made of wool and all natural.I highly recommend them.

  5. Twirlermom63

    Best slippers I have ever bought. Yes, basically an “investment” considering the price. But, after having these little gems on my Wish List for months, I finally gave in and bought them. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I have arthritis in my feet and I needed a slipper in the summer to wear as well as in the winter. I know what you’re thinking…”who would wear wool slippers in the summer?” I do. We have air conditioning and the floors get cool. Seems walking around in socks just doesn’t cut it anymore. Summer also has some chilly and damp days…those of us with arthritis know what I’m talking about. These slippers are light in weight, but weigh in heavy on the comfort scale. Besides, they make me happy when I look at them because coffee is my jam. ha ha That being said…comfort, warmth and fun…who could ask for more?After wearing the slippers for a while…still love them, they hold up great. The only problem I’m having with them is the bottoms have become VERY smooth. I only wear them in the house and we do have tile floors. I have had several instances where I’ve almost fallen because the bottoms are so smooth and when I walk on the tile floors it’s so slippery. I’m not sure why they have gotten like this, since I only wear them in the house. So, just a head’s up. If all you have is wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, they are perfect. Otherwise, be careful.

  6. Dana B.

    These arrived quickly. The price is pretty high for what you get, but they are exactly what I wanted so I’m OK with it. The soul is very thick wool with printed friction dots on the bottom. The top foot covering is made of soft wool that doesn’t feel scratchy to me. These feel very substantial and I love the coffee print. I wear a women’s size 11 and that’s what I ordered and they fit true to size. These are replacing a worn out pair of 12 year old big box store slippers and I am so happy these are what I chose!

  7. Vic Adamsky

    These are very comfortable slippers.

  8. Iwejun

    This is my second pair I wear a 46 and with wool medium weight socks they are perfect. I put these on the second I’m the house, living in the snow belt of upper Wisconsin warm feet are a must. Very comfortable with little nubs on sole for a little grip on smooth floors. Not meant for outdoors at all so don’t run to the mailbox in these felt bottoms will wear through at stitching. Great slippers and no sweaty feet.

  9. Wendy J

    My new slippers & I go together like Coffee & Cream! They’re SO comfortable & each evening I can’t wait to put them on & relax! Haflinger makes excellent long lasting products; my slippers join several other pairs of that brand!

  10. Jared

    My wife lives these and her feet have stopped hurting so bad, as we have hard floors. Skeptical even though others said the same in the reviews, but it was those reviews that led me to them. They were right! so happy with the purchase

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