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Footwear Natural wool products are a guarantee of coziness, warmth and well-being for the whole family, all year round. Natural wool shoes and clothes with a great price-quality ratio. Warm Slippers for Women , Men and Toddlers, Wool Vests, and Natural Wool Socks. Fast delivery throughout Lithuania, in the most convenient way for you, within 1-2 working days. Discounts up to 40%

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Wool is a natural fiber with many wonderful properties. Natural wool slippers stimulate blood circulation and relax your feet after a hard day’s work. Natural sheep’s wool maintains the optimal body temperature to keep the feet pleasantly warm. With woolen slippers, even the coldest winter will not be scary. Wool reacts to changes in the temperature of the human body, so it helps to prevent overheating on hot summer days and freezing when cool evenings come.

Felted Wool Slippers Szymel

Szymel Demies for quality. The Szymel brand pays great attention to the quality, convenience, Komfort and design of the goods. All products are handmade, made in Poland, where the journey of this brand began. All products are made of organic, natural sheep felt. Slipper soles are made of profiled rubber and felt, so you will have slippers that will be sliding resistant. The external material of the goods is certified footwear felt from Polish manufacturers. Slipper insoles of natural sheep felt are profiled under the heel at a height of 1 cm, which significantly increases comfort, due to the fact that the sole is not flat as the board. The liner is 100% made without the use of glue, so you will have no contact with chemical, unnatural substances. The slippers are extremely lightweight and durable.

Szymel natural wool felt slippers. This brand has gone a long way to be what they have become today. This is a sign that has been inherited from generation to generation. Their history dates back to 1952, when the “leather product” industrial factory was established in Strzegom, where the first Szymel, brand staff, started their journey. These employees taught and said from generation to generation that the younger generation of their passion for producing and which footwear. After a while, the factory developed and became an industrial footwear factory. Throughout the history of Szymel, they accumulate almost 20 years of experience in collaboration with a well -known German brand Haflinger owner and have learned to work with highly advanced home footwear technology. Products distributed by these companies have allowed them to reach global, popular trends and very demanding customers. After the collaboration with the German Haflinger sign, due to the epidemic situation in the world, Szyme began to rely only on its own products.


Slippers made of natural wool

When the wool touches the skin, it gently massages it and improves blood circulation. The natural wool slippers are soft, fit the foot well, and the high-quality sole ensures safe and comfortable walking on any floor. Slippers made of merino wool will be a great helper for those who complain of foot pain. In the Tau footwear store, you will find a wide selection of women’s/men’s natural wool slippers that will perfectly meet the wishes of every customer. Wool products are of high quality. This natural material will help the body breathe (reduces sweating) and is considered a natural temperature regulator. So you can safely wear woolen slippers or other woolen products both in winter and summer.


Woolen slippers

As we transition from warmer to colder weather, footwear at home becomes especially important to ensure a stable temperature and comfort while walking around the house. Here are some advantages why you should choose natural wool slippers as your home footwear.

Wool conforms to the contours of the feet and provides excellent support. The longer you wear your wool slippers, the more comfortable they will become. They will adapt to the nuances, curves and shapes of your foot.
Wool is a temperature-regulating, insulating and breathable fabric that wicks away moisture much faster than other materials. The natural properties prevent bacteria from living in the wool and thus prevent bad odor.

Can I wash szymel wool slippers?

While some wool slippers can be machine washed, many cannot (Szymel natural wool slippers). Most wool slippers simply don't need it, and the wash cycle can damage the slippers. Gentle hand washing is the best course of action for handcrafted natural wool slippers szymel

Is wearing natural wool slippers good for your feet?

Slippers can provide a supportive barrier between your feet and some of the hard floor surfaces you may have in your home. Wearing natural wool slippers at home is good because they can protect your feet from those harder floor surfaces and reduce instances of sore or aching feet.