Women’s ballerinas – how to match them to the occasion and clothing?

The design of modern women’s ballerinas – as their name suggests – was inspired by classic ballerina shoes. The ballerina was first created by Rosa Repetto (a woman behind a famous French footwear brand) in 1956. Brigitte Bardot. The actress asked for a pair of shoes that would be as flexible as real ballet shoes. It was in the ballerinas that she appeared on the set of “And God Created a Woman.” Ballerinas became popular overnight. This cut of women’s shoes has been loved by many famous and influential women.

How to wear a ballerina?

Ballerinas are very feminine and at the same time very versatile. They are very similar to ankle boots, except that ballerinas usually have a flat sole and no heels (or the heel is very delicate). For this reason, ballerinas are extremely often chosen as shoes with dresses and sometimes as a spare. We take them with us to the celebration (wedding) and put on them when our legs get tired of walking in high heels. Women’s ballerinas are produced in various styles – black, leather, lacquered and openwork. They often feature eye-catching ornaments and crystals, making them suitable for many formal and even evening wear.

How to wear a ballerina?
Women's ballerinas - how to match them to the occasion and clothing? 2

Female ballerinas in the office

If you want to go to the office with ballerinas, choose simplicity and convenience. Leather ballerinas in classic colors are perfect. The cut should be elegant with a round haircut and a flat sole. This is the perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

Ballerinas for celebrations

Ballerinas are great shoes when you want to look elegant and at the same time need comfortable shoes like dancing. In this case, it is worth choosing lacquered and metallic silver and gold ballerinas. Ballerinas decorated with pebbles, cubic zirconia, sequins or even studs are perfect. We can successfully wear such shoes with elegant shiny leggings or any holiday dress.

Women’s ballerinas for weddings

Stylish ballerina shoes can be a great item for a wedding outfit. As mentioned earlier, you can pick them up as replacement shoes or right away. If you don’t like walking with high heels, ballerinas will be the best choice. Elegant, leather, lacquered, pastel, powder, cream – you can match any wedding dress or suit.

A pair of ballerinas everyday

First of all, ballerinas are great shoes for everyday wear. Lightweight, zipped shoes are suitable for both casual and casual styles. The best set, of course, is ballerinas and skinny jeans, which, depending on the occasion, you can wear a Top, a T-shirt or a beautiful blouse, and in the case of more elegant clothing – a stylish handbag.

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