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What shoes to choose for outlets?

As for women, the most important rule when choosing graduation shoes: measure your intentions! Sure, thin high heels look impressive, but can you really imagine an all-night party in them? Especially if you usually choose fairly flat sneakers. Don’t forget to buy shoes in advance and train to walk on them. This will not only prevent blisters, but also take care of your self-confidence. Always anticipate that in a few hours, even with really comfortable high heels, you will have enough. Therefore, put spare ballerinas in your handbag. Nothing can ruin your special night as much as a painful footprint on your heel. Of course, you have classic ballerinas in your wardrobe that will match the dress of your choice. So what shoes to choose for outlets?

What shoes to choose for outlets?
What shoes to choose for outlets? 3

The look of graduation shoes

Choosing outlet shoes is not only about comfort (although it is, of course, extremely important), but also about looks. At this time, shoes are no longer matched to handbag color (or vice versa). It is better to choose shoes and accessories for the dress, because it is what attracts the eye first. If the outfit is smooth, like black, choose fun, contrasting accessories, including shoes. The most important thing is that their style matches the dress. For example, a rock-style outfit will look great with original, heavier shoes, and a roomy, romantic dress like light sandals.

A little about trendy shoe trends:

  • classic high heels – best suited for standard model dresses with straps that widen slightly. Choose comfortable and quite formal shoes that you will use later, for example, during high school exams. For this type of shoe, you can choose, for example, more expressive jewelry or choose an eye-catching hairstyle and makeup to make things fit well;
  • strong colors – they are also more suitable for simple dresses such as tubes. By choosing an original eye shadow or lipstick color, you can repeat the color theme of the handbag, such as in makeup;
  • minimalism – are you a pretty calm girl and choose a romantic outfit like pink or gray? Then graduation shoes in body color will suit you perfectly. Like black high heels, you can also use such shoes, for example, at a summer party. As the shoes will fit into your body, choose a different, stronger-colored accent so that you don’t look too pale, like gold jewelry.
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What shoes to choose for outlets? 4

Sneakers may also be suitable for the graduation party . Sporty and classic styles go well together, so if you combine sneakers and a jacket suit or even a dress, you will look great. Of course, it is important to consider what they are – whether they are massive, stylish, or really suitable for sports.

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