Purchase conditions

I. General provisions

  1. online stores are applied to the Customer when placing an order and purchasing goods from
  2. has the right to adjust the Store Rules. When the Customer makes a purchase in the Store, the Rules valid at the moment of placing the order (indicated next to the order) apply.
  3. The customer is not given the opportunity to place an order for goods in the Store if he is not familiar with the Store Rules. In all cases, the Customer is considered to be familiar with the Rules and agrees with them, if before ordering the goods, he confirms his agreement with the Rules by clicking “I AGREE”. In cases when the Customer partially or completely does not agree with all or part of the Rules, he must not submit the order electronically to, otherwise the Customer is considered to have read and unconditionally agreed to all the Rules of the Store.
  4. is released from any liability in cases where the loss or other undesirable consequences arise due to the fact that the Customer, without taking into account the recommendations provided to him and his obligations, did not get acquainted with the Rules of the Store, although he was given such an opportunity.
  5. The Seller is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the fault of third parties unrelated and / or independent of the Seller or due to circumstances beyond the Buyer’s control.

II. Order submission procedure and conditions

  1. The customer chooses the goods he likes by visiting the Store’s website. Based on his choice, a shopping cart is formed.
  2. After forming the shopping cart, the Customer must enter the data necessary to conclude the Purchase and Sale Agreement between the Seller and the Customer and to deliver the goods selected by the Customer: his name, address of residence (when requested), address to which the goods will be delivered, telephone and additional information, which may be relevant for the conclusion of the Contract and the delivery of the ordered goods. confirms that the data provided by the Customer will be used exclusively for the purposes of the purchase and sale of goods, without violating the requirements for the protection of personal data provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. Next, the Customer must choose one of the possible payment methods in the store (for more information, see Section V of the Rules). At the same time, the delivery time of the goods can be selected from the possible delivery time options in the interval of hours indicated. The customer also confirms that he agrees to be at the specified delivery address at the chosen or set time. If the customer does not collect the ordered goods three or more times, the company reserves the right to change the terms of delivery and payment.
  4. In the last window all the data provided by the Customer are generated, before which the Customer must make sure that the provided data is correct and meets his / her wishes. The customer has the opportunity to correct incorrect data before sending the order. The customer is also given the opportunity to adjust the personal data necessary for the delivery of goods after the order has been placed. The customer is not given the opportunity to confirm the order until he enters all the data required for the conclusion of the Agreement and notes that he is familiar with and agrees with the Rules of the store. In case the Customer is not familiar with the Rules of the Store before selecting the goods, he must do so before confirming his order and the data provided in it.
  5. After the customer confirms the order by clicking “PAY”, it is sent to AvalyneTau. The order is considered submitted from the moment it is received by AvalyneTau. At the same time, it is considered that a Purchase and Sale Agreement has been concluded between the Customer and the Seller. However, the seller’s obligation to perform the Agreement arises only from the moment when the seller receives a confirmation from the bank selected by the Customer (when payment via online banking is selected) about the payment for the selected goods; when paying by bank transfer, the Seller’s obligation to perform the Agreement arises only when the Customer’s payment is received; when paying in cash upon delivery of the goods or by card at the post office.
  6. When the Customer submits the order, the system automatically sends the Customer an e-mail indicating the ordered goods and the data provided by the Customer.
  7. Upon receipt by the Seller of a notice from the bank that the Customer has made a payment order and paid for the ordered goods, a notice shall be sent to the Customer at the specified e-mail address. The moment of receipt of the notice from the bank shall be considered the moment of the seller’s obligation to perform the Agreement concluded with the Customer, except for the cases when the payment is made in cash upon delivery of the goods or by card at the post office.
  8. The order submitted by the Customer is stored in the database in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the term of storage of such data.
  9. In all cases, when placing an order, the Customer is considered to be familiar with and unconditionally agree with all the Rules of the Store, as well as with all other conditions specified in the order.
  10. The Agreement is concluded and executed in the national Lithuanian language, the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the jurisdiction of the Lithuanian courts apply to it.

III. Warranty and pricing of goods

  1. The characteristics of each product are listed together with each product in the Store.
  2. The Seller indicates, and the Customer confirms that he is aware that the color, shape or other parameters of the goods specified in the Store may not correspond to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the monitor used.
  3. The Customer agrees that by placing an order electronically in the Store, he undertakes to pay the price indicated in the order.
  4. Prices in the Store and in the order are indicated in the official state currency. The indicated price of the product does not include the delivery fee, which is paid by the Customer and which is indicated when the order is made.
  5. The seller sells goods that meet the conditions specified in the order. In cases where the goods delivered to the Customer do not meet certain order requirements, the Customer agrees to immediately notify it immediately by telephone or el. by mail, which undertakes to take all actions to eliminate the existing defects, if such defects have occurred due to the fault of the seller or third parties acting on his behalf. The Seller has the right to defend its rights in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania if the Seller fails to eliminate the defects within a reasonable term agreed with the Customer.
  6. Obligations of the seller in respect of the goods:

6.1. In cases where a certain expiration date is set for specific goods, the seller undertakes to sell such goods to the Customer in such a way that he has a real opportunity to use the goods until the expiration date.

6.2. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods of the appropriate quality and meeting the requirements of the order.

6.3. The Seller undertakes to provide the Customer with the quantity of goods specified in the order. The Seller shall not be liable in cases where the quantity of the delivered goods is not accurate due to the fact that the Customer has incorrectly indicated the data in the order submitted to

6.4. In all cases, the Seller shall provide the Customer with a range of goods that meet the criteria set out in the Order.

6.5. In cases where the order includes a certain set of items, the Seller undertakes to provide all the items included in the set of items.

6.6. The goods are delivered packaged according to their nature in order to make the goods fit for their intended use.

IV. Responsibility

  1. The buyer is responsible for illegal actions committed on the website
  2. The seller is released from any liability in cases where the loss results from
    The Buyer, who, despite the recommendations of the Seller and its obligations, has not read these Rules,
    personal data processing policy, although he has been given the opportunity to do so.
  3. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods and pay a certain amount of money for them and to reimburse the delivery costs
    (unless there are free shipping discounts)
    If the Buyer, after ordering the goods, with home delivery and payment upon receipt of the goods, for some reason
    does not collect the goods, must pay for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer and return the goods to the Seller.

V. Hosting Comments

  1. sets out all the rules for placing comments in the Guest Book and Product Comments and monitors their observance. Any posting of a comment in the e-shop automatically means agreeing to all the rules for posting comments in
  2. In all cases, has the right to remove comments that violate both the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the rights of other persons, and the rules for placing comments. At the same time, reserves the right to remove any comments posted in the Guestbook and Product Comments at its sole discretion.
  3. By placing their comment in the e-shop, each person confirms that such comment does not violate and will not violate any rights of third parties and assumes responsibility for their actions that would violate the above confirmations.

VI. Other provisions

  1. All notifications to must be submitted by e-mail to the customer service department (search for contacts in the ” Contacts ” section of the Store).
  2. The Agreement between the Client and is concluded and executed in the official Lithuanian language, the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the jurisdiction of the Lithuanian courts apply to it.

VII. Dispute Resolution and the EGS Platform

  1. In order to submit a complaint, the customer must contact the seller directly by filling in the form on the website or by sending information by e-mail .
  2. If the Customer is not satisfied with the seller’s final response to the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, he may apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, address Vilniaus st. 25, 01402 Vilnius, Lithuania, e-mail , phone 852626751 , on the website , in its territorial subdivisions in the counties or to fill in the application form on the EGS platform: .
  3. In implementing Directive no. 2013/11 / EU on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes and Regulation no. 524/2013 on electronic consumer dispute resolution The European Commission has set up an Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform:

In Lithuania, the EGS platform enables independent, impartial, transparent, efficient, fast and fair resolution of national and cross-border consumer and e-mail issues arising in the internal market of the European Union. disputes between traders. The EGS platform is easy to use and can be connected to all types of devices. The platform is multilingual. It provides an automatic translation service to facilitate the resolution of disputes between persons established in different Member States of the European Union. The State Consumer Rights Protection Service is designated as the contact center of this EGS platform in Lithuania, which provides assistance to all parties to the dispute at any stage of the dispute resolution.

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