Closed women’s slippers “Inblu” 500340W


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White, women’s closed slippers INBLU. Closed front, molded sole, genuine leather inside, eco leather outside.

White, orthopedic work slippers for women INBLU. The ultra-soft sole has additional Comfort line cushioning for maximum comfort at every step. The insole is covered with genuine leather, the outside is eco leather. Shaped sole, medical slippers are a great choice for those working for long walks or standing.


Size Insole length (CM)
38 24,5
39 25
40 25,5
41 26,5



What is Inblu?

Inblu is always with you! The Inblu brand is part of the Condor Trade footwear group. Inblu’s history dates back to the 1970s in Verolanuova (province of Brescia), Italy, when Inblu appeared as a manufacturer of heels and soles. The factory begins production of some of the shoes known today. Thanks to a special injection technology for the production of footwear, which uses a high-quality plastic called polyurethane, Inblu shoes are flexible, light and durable. The unique, fashionable design and unique fit of the shoes allow everyone to feel extremely comfortable and enjoy the Mediterranean climate.


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Svoris 0.5 kg
Išmatavimai 20 × 20 × 15 cm

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