Wool slippers for men

Szymel wool slippers for men – natural wool felt slippers, perfect for both summer/spring, winter and autumn seasons. Felt made of natural wool has a special property that prevents feet from sweating, because wool is an excellent conductor of moisture. Unlike leather slippers, wool slippers are much lighter and keep your feet from sweating. Also, wool felt is an ecological material, unlike leather. Szymel woolen slippers for men. In this product category you will find all men’s szymel slippers. Most of the products of this manufacturer are “universal”, so slippers are produced from 36 to 46 sizes. All Szymel products are made from natural wool felt, which is imported from Italy and processed in Poland.

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Szymel woolen slippers for men

SZYMEL men’s slippers. High-quality home footwear is made in Poland from natural, highest quality Italian wool, and will guarantee a sense of coziness and comfort for the feet. The men’s felt indoor slippers have a molded sole that will gently massage the feet and promote blood circulation. You can enjoy felt slippers for men all year round, both in winter and summer, they adapt to body temperature. During the winter, natural wool slippers will warm your feet, and in the summer they will not allow them to sweat and get wet. Choose SZYMEL, the highest quality men’s slippers at an affordable price.

Natural wool slippers

Wool is a natural fabric, a renewable fiber, it is perfectly breathable, which will prevent your feet from getting damp and sweaty. Wool adapts to our body temperature, warms us in winter and cools us in summer, prevents getting wet, evaporates moisture, and is an excellent choice for people with sensitive, easily damaged skin. The felt fabric performs light micro-massages on our feet, promoting blood circulation, so SZYMEL slippers will be a great choice for our elderly. In the Szymel.lt online store, you can find a wide selection of natural wool slippers for the whole family.

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Durability of SZYMEL slippers

Natural wool slippers stay fresh like new for much longer than slippers made of any other fabric. This fabric is naturally self-cleaning, antibacterial and dirt-repellent, and does not require intensive care. SZYMEL slippers do not need to be washed or cleaned often, which saves a lot of time. Such slippers. which require no maintenance or cleaning will last much longer than any other slippers. You can enjoy one pair of SZYMEL slippers for several years. Such a purchase will not only save you money, long-lasting SZYMEL slippers for men, protect nature and excess purchase of footwear and other clothes. Natural wool also decomposes naturally, so they don’t leave any marks when you finish wearing them. Wool is well and long known for its wonderful properties and is loved by many people. Choose SZYMEL natural slippers for men and feel the feeling of the highest comfort today.

Can I wash szymel wool slippers?

While some wool slippers can be machine washed, many cannot (Szymel natural wool slippers). Most wool slippers simply don't need it, and the wash cycle can damage the slippers. Gentle hand washing is the best course of action for handcrafted natural wool slippers szymel

Is wearing natural wool slippers good for your feet?

Slippers can provide a supportive barrier between your feet and some of the hard floor surfaces you may have in your home. Wearing natural wool slippers at home is good because they can protect your feet from those harder floor surfaces and reduce instances of sore or aching feet.