Inblu – Genuine leather, women’s orthopedic sandals and slippers , very comfortable and extremely high quality. The manufacturers of this brand are focused on high-quality, but inexpensive women’s footwear.
What is Inblu?
Inblu is always with you! The Inblu brand is part of the Condor Trade footwear group. The history of this brand dates back to the 1970s in Verolanuova (province of Brescia), Italy, when the brand appeared as a manufacturer of heels and soles. The factory begins production of some of the shoes known today. Thanks to a special injection technology for the production of footwear, which uses a high-quality plastic called polyurethane, the shoes are flexible, lightweight and durable. The unique, fashionable design and unique fit of the shoes make everyone feel extremely comfortable.
It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to enjoy the rest of your home with beautiful and comfortable slippers. Indoor shoes from this brand are available to everyone because these quality slippers are always available at very good prices. At the same time, we strive to make it easy for everyone to find and buy inblu footwear: these slippers are distributed by more and more trade partners throughout Lithuania. A constantly updated list of them will be posted on this page soon.
The undoubted uniqueness of this brand is the comfort of slippers. Models with genuine leather insoles, padded soles and a soft surface – all designed to make every moment of your holiday home enjoy slippers – from the first slip-on of slippers in the morning to the soft steps from the bathroom in the evening.

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