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nursery shoes

Kindergarten shoes: How to choose comfortable shoes for a child?

Choosing nursery shoes

Healthy mothers, at the start of the new school year, there are a number of questions, not only how to leave the child in kindergarten, but also how to dress the child or what shoes to buy for him. Today I want to talk in more detail about kindergarten shoes. My daughter will be going for the second year in a row, so after gaining some experience, I want to share it with you and review the assortment of the store Avalynė 😉

The most important footwear – nursery interior.

For the first year, I bought shoes for my daughter (by the way, there is a large selection of them up to 24 in the Avalynė store), this year I bought baBice tapes. Why? they are like “chicks”, the child is like a barefoot, but the sole does not slip, the feet do not freeze, and they cover comfortably and quickly. I had another manufacturer’s house, I really liked it and the child felt good himself, we just grew up, I found similar ones and grabbed them 🙂 Very beautiful, leather, with all kinds of patterns 🙂 Who don’t want pins. The best kindergarten shoes.

nursery shoes
Kindergarten shoes: How to choose comfortable shoes for a child? 3

Winter: very briefly about winter 🙂 Because it’s still long, but the essence is good, comfortable and waterproof winter boots MUST HAVE 🙂 And to be so strong, I would definitely not recommend any “uggies” unless they have gorotex protection 🙂

This is so much my mom’s advice to you today 🙂 After a successful school year and don’t forget to visit the Avalynė store, there is a large selection of kindergarten shoes, there is also a new collection of discounts, and a lot of good, quality shoes 🙂

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