How to take care of your feet on hot summer days

Summer offers many opportunities for active recreation. When the sun shines from the sky and the heat shines, the long walks often result in sweating, swelling or pain in the feet. Can it be avoided? Of course, check out how to take care of your feet in the heat so your feet carry you!

Choose comfortable summer shoes

Summery, airy dresses are one of the best wardrobe items for hot days. They are light, spacious and look fantastic. Thanks to the dress, you can easily emphasize the advantages of your figure. There are many different cuts of dresses on the market. Many of them can be worn everyday and only by changing accessories, to create casual, sporty or elegant outfits. A classic, smooth dress with sneakers will look completely different than with high heels. The choice of shoes for a summer dress offers many opportunities and allows you to create an image that corresponds to what is playing in the soul.

For fans of feminine, romantic styles, we recommend fashionable slippers with a bow or suede slippers with a decorative knot. This type of footwear will add elegance and grace to the outfit, and the soft material of the strap will not irritate the skin. Classic slippers with a buckle, in turn, are a universal element of the leisure wardrobe – the accent of the shape of the lacquered upper will give an impression even to the simplest stylizations. Do you want to add a few inches? Jump on the platform in super comfy flip flops for the day, and dress up in glamorous pole sandals for the evening.

how to take care of your feet on hot summer days
How to take care of your feet on hot summer days 2

Limit sweating of the feet

If your feet are swollen and tired after a summer hike or a whole day of sightseeing, you can quickly get rid of them with cool water: a quick shower, a wet towel, soak your feet in a bowl, or on the trail – even in a mountain stream. It’s also a good idea to sit or lie down with your legs elevated to restore proper circulation to your lower body.

Blister and scratch patches are a must-have in your summer first aid kit

The moist skin of the feet warmed by the heat is especially sensitive to minor injuries. To prepare for these types of “surprises” when you go out for a summer walk (especially with new shoes!), throw a few waterproof patches in your bag. In pharmacies, you will find products of various shapes, anatomically adapted to individual parts of the foot, soaked in soothing, healing-accelerating ingredients.

Pedicure for summer foot care

Hiking and walking barefoot on the beach can contribute to keratinized heels. Regular pedicure with gentle scrubbing of the epidermis will help to get rid of this problem; by the way, you will find yourself a moment to relax and feel better in your own skin. Finish the procedure by painting your nails in your favorite color, slip your well-groomed feet into new slippers or sandals and be gentle all summer long!

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