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How to store shoes? 5 short tips

Properly stored shoes will keep your look longer and save space in your home. We have 5 tips to help you save space at home as well as keep your shoes looking longer!

Shoe storage furniture

In Lithuanian homes, shoes are usually stored in different types of boxes or cabinets. Very often the shoes are kept just in the hallway, because there the shoes are usually put on your feet. However, the space in the hallway is usually too small to accommodate all of your shoes. This place is more for those who visit regularly. Other shoes need to be well protected and stored for the next season. When planning a space for this purpose, such as a closet, it is worth distinguishing clearly between different types of footwear for different seasons.

proper shoe storage
How to store shoes? 5 short tips 11

The shoe closet in the hallway does not take up much space, but is very spacious. All because sliding doors are offered instead of classic shelves. As a result, they are narrow and will fit even in narrow aisles. You can also choose a high shoe rack. Another idea for keeping shoes at home is to use a chest of drawers. Some types of shoes can be conveniently stored in drawers. Especially rarely used, such as high heels. The spacious drawers are perfect for holding light, short ballerinas or sandals.


The shoes will take up the least space on the shelves if they are placed alternately, ie one shoe at the front and the other at the back. Having more pairs will save space significantly. The highest shelves, with the largest space, are designed for winter boots with the highest uppers and the easiest way to damage them. Openwork shelves are best for sneakers. A good solution is special shoe racks that allow you to stand on top of each other. This not only reveals the shoes well, but also prevents them from getting dirty with each other and ensures air circulation.

how to store shoes on a shelf
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Shoe storage – organization is important!

The well-developed space for storing shoes uses a variety of boxes and drivers. Of course, you can use original shoe boxes. You can also buy made of plastic. Transparent boxes will make it easier to find the right pair. Do you have many pairs of shoes and the boxes on the shelves are stacked on top of each other? An interesting idea is to describe each pair and put a note on the box, or take a picture of the shoes. The printed photo will allow you to quickly find the pair you are looking for.

storage of shoes in plastic boxes
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Where to store seasonal shoes?

Shoes that are only used during a certain season need to be kept especially responsible. Clean and impregnate them after use. Properly selected, depending on the type of material, the device will, on the one hand, update the appearance of the footwear and, on the other hand, protect against rain and other possible adverse conditions. It is advisable to use, for example, twisted newspapers and put them in a shoe. Newspapers will remove moisture and prevent your shoes from deforming. The use of a shoe shape is especially important for leather footwear. They act as a pusher, they stiffen the whole shoe. For this reason, the skin will not bend or even break without the use of shoes.

At the end of the season, shoes can be taken to the basement if there is no moisture in them and the shoes are adequately protected from possible contamination. Packed in sturdy cardboard boxes will remain until next season.

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