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dr ortho-befad footwear for seniors


Properly selected footwear is a guarantee of comfort, convenience and health. So what qualities should we look for in footwear for our grandparents?

It is important to choose the right size

First, the right size. If the footwear becomes problematic after putting it on, it is better to put it back on the store shelf. Both the width and height of the shoe should leave some slack. It is worth paying attention to the material from which the upper is made – the more flexible it is, the better and easier it will be for an older person to put it on. Occasional swelling can be caused by bone degeneration, deformities and even blood circulation problems – you should think about this when buying shoes and choose such that even the swelling does not make it difficult to put on and fasten the shoes.

features of footwear for seniors, how to choose the right footwear

Proper fastening is especially important when choosing footwear for seniors

The second is a convenient fastening. Velcro will definitely be a much better solution than laces, which we definitely recommend. Unzipping the shoe and sticking out the tongue will make it much easier to put your foot in, and the Velcro itself allows you to adjust the width. This is a desirable feature, especially for ailments such as swelling or deformities that require special treatment. It is worth remembering that some “Dr. “Orto” brand models are zipped not only in the front part of the shoes, but also on the heels, so that even great swelling, sensitivity or injuries do not interfere with walking.

Proper disassembly of senior footwear

The third is form. Many seniors have been used to wearing slippers for many years. They are easy to put on, easy to take off without even bending over. Unfortunately, slippers can easily slip off the foot, and a fall poses a serious risk to a weakened body. Therefore, a suitable seal will be built-in shoes that are easy to put on. Preventive sandals are perfect for the home space. Open toed footwear is ideal for warm places, perfect for outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. The design of the shoe makes it easy to insert the foot, and the Velcro closure adjusts the width and fits the foot.


The comfort of walking is definitely an important factor in maintaining health for many years. Therefore, the right footwear is a mandatory element for blissful and peaceful walks, trips, any small or large activity. Dr. Orto System and Dr. Orto Active collection will be a great solution. Therefore, if you are thinking about the right gift for grandma or grandpa on the occasion of their holiday, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our offer, visit our company store in Bielsko-Biala or one of our many partner stores.

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