Best Shoes for Hairstylist: Top Picks for Comfort and Style

For hairstylists who are on their feet all day, choosing the right pair of shoes is essential. They need footwear that not only offers comfort but also provides support during long hours of standing and moving around. The right pair of shoes can make a significant difference in reducing foot pain and fatigue, allowing hairstylists to focus more on their craft and less on discomfort.

When looking for the best shoes for hairstylists, it’s important to consider factors such as cushioning, arch support, and slip resistance. Shoes that lack these features can lead to various foot problems, including pain in the heels and arches, as well as potential slips and falls on wet salon floors. Durability is also key since hairstylists need shoes that can withstand daily wear and tear.

We spent time researching various options to find the shoes that offer the best comfort, support, and safety for hairstylists.

Best Shoes for Hairstylists

Here are the top shoes for hairstylists to stay comfortable and stylish. These picks offer great support and durability for long hours on your feet.

Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

These shoes are great for hairstylists looking for comfort and safety during long work hours.



  • Some may find them too stiff
  • Sizing can be tricky
  • Stretch laces might not suit everyone

The Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe is an excellent choice for hairstylists. They are lightweight and easy to slip on, making them perfect for those who need to move quickly and efficiently. The slip-resistant soles are a game-changer on slippery salon floors, providing the grip needed to stay safe.

Comfort is a big plus with these shoes. The memory foam footbed offers excellent cushioning, which helps to keep feet comfortable even during long shifts. This is especially beneficial for those dealing with foot issues like plantar fasciitis.

On the downside, some users might find the shoes a bit stiff at first. The sizing can also be tricky, with some finding they need to order a size up or down. Additionally, the stretch laces may not work for everyone, as they can make the fit feel too loose. Despite these minor issues, the overall comfort and safety features make these shoes a solid choice for hairstylists.

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Madison Sneaker

Great choice for hairstylists needing comfortable and stylish footwear for long hours.


  • Cushioned insole for long-lasting comfort
  • Slip-on design for easy wear
  • Lightweight and flexible construction


  • May not fit well for wide feet
  • Sizing inconsistencies reported
  • Limited arch support

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Madison Sneaker stands out as a versatile shoe for hairstylists who need comfort and style. Its cushioned insole provides excellent padding, making it suitable for wearing all day. The slip-on design is convenient for those rushing out the door in the mornings.

Despite the many positives, some wearers with wider feet found the fit a bit tight. Others mentioned inconsistencies in sizing, so it’s wise to try them on if possible. Additionally, those needing significant arch support may need to look at insole options.

The lightweight and flexible nature of the shoe adds to its appeal, allowing for easy movement throughout the day. Pair them with nearly any outfit, and you’re ready to head off to work without compromising on style or comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s Insane Loafer

These shoes are a great choice for hairstylists looking for comfort and style during long shifts.


  • Incredibly comfortable to wear all day
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Stylish design suitable for various outfits


  • May require a break-in period
  • Fit might be narrower than expected
  • The sole’s durability could be improved

Dr. Scholl’s Insane Loafer impresses with its comfort and style. The Be Free Energy technology insole really makes a difference, providing excellent cushioning throughout the day. The back zip feature is convenient, making it easy to slip these on and off quickly.

These loafers also score points for their sustainable linings, which is a nice touch in today’s eco-conscious world. The design is versatile, pairing well with both casual and more dressy attire.

On the downside, some users might find them a bit snug initially, especially those with wider feet. However, with a little break-in time, they become quite comfortable. The soles could be more durable, as there’s been feedback about them wearing out sooner than expected.

Overall, Dr. Scholl’s Insane Loafer is a solid pick for hairstylists who need to be on their feet all day without sacrificing style.

Sticky Nursing Shoes

Great for hairstylists who need waterproof, non-slip shoes that provide comfortable support during long hours.


  • Excellent non-slip grip
  • Waterproof design
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Sizing can be inconsistent
  • Not very breathable
  • May take time to break in

Stylists who spend all day on their feet will find the Sticky Nursing Shoes comfortable and supportive. With their excellent non-slip grip, you won’t have to worry about slipping on wet salon floors. The waterproof design also ensures your feet stay dry, even if you spill water or other liquids.

These shoes are delightfully lightweight, making them easy to wear for long hours without discomfort. The padded footbed offers additional comfort, which is crucial for anyone working long shifts.

However, keep in mind that the sizing can be hit or miss, so you might need to order a size up or down to get the perfect fit. They are not very breathable, which may be an issue during the hotter months. Overall, these shoes are a solid choice despite needing some time to break in.

UMYOGO Womens Running Shoes

Comfortable and stylish, these shoes are perfect for hairstylists who spend long hours on their feet.


  • Snug fit and breathable knit fabric
  • Highly durable rubber sole
  • Lightweight and easy to wear all day


  • Might feel squeaky at times
  • Not ideal for flat-footed individuals
  • May need additional insoles for extra cushioning

These UMYOGO Womens Running Shoes are an excellent choice for hairstylists. They provide a snug and comfortable fit, like a sock, ensuring your feet can handle long hours at work. The knit fabric is breathable, keeping your feet cool even during busy days.

The rubber soles are durable and can last through constant wear. Plus, they are lightweight, making it easy to move around the salon all day without feeling tired. The trendy design also means they can easily match any outfit, adding a touch of style to your work attire.

One thing to note is a slight squeak when you walk, which can be a bit annoying. If you have flat feet, these shoes may not be the best fit due to the arch support. Some might also find that the cushioning is not sufficient, so adding extra insoles could be beneficial.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best shoes for hairstylists, it is important to consider comfort, support, and durability. These features ensure that hairstylists can stand for long hours without discomfort.

Comfort: Look for shoes with padded insoles and a soft lining. These features help reduce pain and foot fatigue.

Support: Good arch support is necessary. Shoes with arch support help reduce strain on your feet and legs.

Durability: Choose shoes made from high-quality materials. They will last longer and provide better protection for your feet.

Key Features to Consider

Cushioned insolesProvides extra comfort during long hours of standing
Arch supportHelps to reduce foot and leg strain
Slip-resistantEnsures safety on potentially slippery salon floors
Easy to cleanKeeps shoes looking professional and well-maintained
BreathableKeeps feet cool and prevents sweating and smells

Slip-Resistance: Salons can be slippery due to water and hair products. A slip-resistant sole can prevent accidents.

Breathability: Look for breathable materials like mesh to keep feet cool, preventing sweat and odor.

Easy to Clean: Salon work can be messy. Shoes that are easy to clean maintain a professional appearance.

With these features in mind, hairstylists can find the best shoes to keep them comfortable and safe throughout their busy days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hairstylists need shoes that offer great support and comfort due to long hours on their feet. The right footwear can help prevent foot pain and fatigue.

What types of shoes provide the best support for hairstylists who stand all day?

Shoes with good arch support and cushioning are best for standing all day. Look for brands that offer memory foam insoles or orthopedic designs. Many hairstylists prefer sneakers or clogs that provide a balance of comfort and durability.

Which shoes are recommended for hairstylists with plantar fasciitis?

Shoes with strong arch support and heel cushioning are essential for those with plantar fasciitis. Brands like New Balance, ASICS, and Vionic are often recommended. These shoes help reduce heel pain and provide necessary support.

What are the most comfortable shoe options for female hairstylists?

Female hairstylists often choose shoes like Dansko clogs, Skechers memory foam sneakers, or supportive flats. These options provide comfort and support while being stylish and practical for a busy salon environment.

What are the best shoes for male hairstylists that combine style and comfort?

Male hairstylists might prefer brands like Rockport, Ecco, or Clarks. These shoes offer good support without sacrificing style. Many options include cushioned insoles, breathable materials, and sleek designs suitable for professional settings.

Are there specific sandals that are well-suited for hairdressers?

Some sandals, like Birkenstocks or orthopedic sandals, can be suitable for hairdressers. These should have good arch support and cushioning. It’s important to choose sandals with adjustable straps for a secure fit and to avoid slipping.

How do Crocs rank in terms of suitability for professional hairdressers?

Crocs are a popular choice for many hairdressers due to their comfort and ease of cleaning. They offer cushioned support and come in various styles that can fit a salon’s dress code. However, they may not provide enough arch support for everyone, so it’s best to try them and see how they feel.

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