Best 7 Pens for Glitter Epoxy Projects Under $25

Creating stunning glitter epoxy art requires the right tools, and the pen you choose can make all the difference. Whether you’re adding fine details or bold lines, the best pens for glitter epoxy offer precision, durability, and vibrant colors that resist fading.

In this roundup, we’ve sifted through countless options to bring you the top choices that will elevate your epoxy projects. From fine-tipped pens for intricate designs to bold markers for standout accents, these pens promise to enhance your creativity while ensuring your artwork lasts. Let’s dive into the best pens for glitter epoxy that will make your creations sparkle and shine.

Best Pens for Glitter Epoxy Roundup

Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Attachment, Pen Turner Adapter to Hold Pens, 28set Glitter Epoxy Pen Holder for Cup Turner DIY Craft Epoxy Resin Pen Making Supplies Fits for Tumbler Pen Turner Starter kit
Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Attachment, Pen Turner Adapter to Hold Pens, 28set Glitter Epoxy Pen Holder for Cup Turner DIY Craft Epoxy Resin Pen Making Supplies Fits for Tumbler Pen Turner Starter kit
Create stunning glitter epoxy pens effortlessly with the Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Attachment. This 28-piece, lightweight, multicolor set from WOOPSOO ensures your pens stay perfectly in place. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and compatible with tumbler turners, it promises a seamless crafting experience. Elevate your pen-making game today!

1. WOOPSOO Epoxy Pen Kit

Crafting enthusiasts love the WOOPSOO Epoxy Pen Kit for its comprehensive package. Including 25 silicone pen plugs, 25 nonstick silicone sleeves, and 60 epoxy pen boxes, this kit has everything you need. The wood dowel ensures a comfortable feel while the high elastic EVA material is durable and washable. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this kit simplifies your glitter epoxy projects. For example, the nonstick sleeves make removing cured epoxy effortless, saving you time and frustration.

  • Specific Uses For Product: Stationery
  • Material: Wood, Resin, Rubber
  • Special Feature: Portable, Lightweight
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: WOOPSOO

Versatile Turner Attachment: Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Adapter Kit

Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Adapter Kit
Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Adapter Kit
Unleash your creativity with GORGECRAFT’s 10-piece empty tube pens. Perfect for glitter epoxy projects, these DIY-ready ballpoint pens come with silver caps and ten vibrant colors. Ideal for crafting personalized, dazzling crystal pens. Compact and lightweight, they’re a favorite among artists, rated 4.5 stars for excellence.

This Epoxy Glitter Pen Turner Adapter Kit offers 10 empty tube pens that are perfect for creating unique glitter epoxy pens. The upper ends of these pens feature empty tubes that can be filled with dried flowers, shells, glass pearls, or confetti. It’s an excellent option for those who love DIY projects and want to add a personal touch to their stationery.

DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the ease of making custom ballpoint pens with this kit. Each pen is easy to handle and offers smooth handwriting, thanks to the metal construction that makes them both durable and light. Simply rotate the pens to open and fill them with your glitter epoxy mix.

You’ll find the usability straightforward: just remove the refill at the bottom to replace it when needed. This flexibility ensures you can continually refresh your pens without any hassle.

  • Package Dimensions: 6.34 x 4.53 x 0.91 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.9 ounces
  • Batteries required: No

DIY Specialty: GORGECRAFT 10Pcs Empty Tube Pens for Glitter Epoxy

GORGECRAFT 10Pcs Empty Tube Pens for Glitter Epoxy
Add sparkle to your DIY projects with Art Owl’s Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens. Featuring an ultra fine 0.7mm tip, these vibrant, multicolored pens are perfect for rock painting, ceramics, wood, and more. Elevate your crafts with precision and pizzazz using this must-have set of 12!

Favor GORGECRAFT’s 10Pcs Empty Tube Pens when you want to create custom glitter epoxy pens. These versatile, empty pens let you fill them with your favorite glitter mixtures, offering endless creativity. Users love the ease of filling and the tight seal that prevents leakage, making them ideal for crafting sessions.

Create stunning designs with precision thanks to the twist-up mechanism and the fine 0.7 mm tip. Artists and hobbyists find these pens perfectly suited for detail work on custom tumblers, epoxy crafts, and DIY projects. A transparent body allows easy monitoring of the glitter level, while the durable construction withstands frequent use.

Avoid clogging issues with the smooth-flowing design, ensuring your glitter and epoxy blend evenly. These pens come in a convenient pack of 10, great for group projects or bulk crafting needs. Refillable nature makes them an eco-friendly option in the long run.

  • Number of Items: 10
  • Size: Standard
  • Point Type: Fine
  • Line Size: 0.7 Millimeters

Precision Artistry: Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens, Ultra Fine Point 0.7mm

Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens, Ultra Fine Point 0.7mm
Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens, Ultra Fine Point 0.7mm
Elevate your arts and crafts with Grabie’s Glitter Gel Pens. Featuring 18 retractable, metallic vibrant colors, these fine-point pens add sparkle and precision to your artwork. Perfect for adult coloring books and detailed drawings, they offer a smooth, glittery finish that stands out beautifully.

Introducing Grabie’s 18-color glitter pens, which feature vibrant glitter ink that adds sparkle to your artwork. They’re perfect for highlighting, embellishing, and adding dazzling effects to your creations.

Providing exquisite detail with an ultra-fine 0.7mm point, they’re ideal for precision work. The glitter pens flow smoothly, ensuring consistent, even coverage. Artists love the diverse colors: from shimmering silvers to radiant reds. These pens work well on both light and dark surfaces, making them versatile for any project. Because they’re retractable, they stay protected and mess-free when not in use.

Creating intricate designs becomes more effortless and enjoyable with these glitter pens. The ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold, letting you work for extended periods without strain. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, these pens elevate your artwork’s allure.

  • Item Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.93 x 0.39 x 5.75 inches
  • Color: 18 Colors Retractable Glitter Gel Ink Pens
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Point Type: Fine
  • Ink Color: Multicolor

Vibrant Coloring: Glitter Gel Pens 18 Colors with Metallic Sparkle

Glitter Gel Pens 18 Colors with Metallic Sparkle
Add sparkle to your creations with Art Owl’s Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens. This set of 12 medium-tip markers is perfect for rock painting, ceramics, fabric, wood, and more. Ideal for DIY crafts and card making, these vibrant, assorted colors will make your projects shine. Rated 4.5 stars by users!

Boasting an impressive array of 18 vibrant colors, these glitter gel pens bring metallic sparkle to your epoxy projects. Each pen effortlessly glides over surfaces, making them perfect for intricate designs and detailed work. Featuring smooth ink flow, they ensure consistent and bold lines. With a quick-drying formula, there’s minimal smudging, providing a clean finish every time.

Providing a comfortable grip, these gel pens reduce hand fatigue during long crafting sessions. Ideal for adding intricate details to your glitter epoxy designs, they bring your creations to life. Whether you’re embellishing cards, decorating photo albums, or enhancing scrapbook pages, these pens do it all. They work on various surfaces, including paper, cardstock, and even wood, ensuring versatility.

Highlighting their user-friendly design is the fact that these pens are non-toxic, making them safe for artists of all ages. The set includes metallic, neon, and pastel shades, offering a diverse palette for all your creative needs. Perfect for both professionals and hobbyists, this is a must-have tool in your art arsenal. Prior to using, shake each pen to ensure the glitter is well-mixed for an even application.

Number of Items: 18
Color: Assorted
Item Weight: 11.3 ounces
Package Dimensions: 7.36 x 5.75 x 0.71 inches
Point Type: Medium

Medium Tip Glitter Markers: Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens Set of 12

Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens Set of 12
Acrylic Glitter Paint Marker Pens Set of 12
Create shimmering art with Aen Art’s 100 Color Glitter Gel Pens. These neon glitter markers boast 30% more ink and fine 1mm tips, making them perfect for crafting, journaling, and adult coloring books. Comfortable grips and vibrant colors ensure every stroke sparkles with creativity. A must-have for artists!

Introduce some shimmer into your artwork with these Medium Tip Glitter Markers. These pens come in a set of 12 vibrant colors that sparkle and shine, perfect for adding a touch of glam to any project. Made by Aen Art, these markers are designed to provide a smooth, free-flowing ink experience that won’t bleed through your paper.

Create dazzling details on your favorite coloring book or add some flair to your journal entries. Each pen features a medium tip that’s ideal for both fine lines and broader strokes, giving you flexibility depending on your project’s needs. The acid-free, water-based ink ensures longevity and safety, making it suitable for all ages.

Ensure your creativity keeps flowing with these highly durable pens. The transparent hard plastic body allows you to see how much ink is left, so you don’t run out unexpectedly. With its snap closure, each pen stays perfectly sealed, preventing leaks and drying out.

Enjoy using these glitter markers for an extended period due to their generous ink supply. Not only will the ink last a long time, but it will also maintain its smooth consistency throughout its use. If you’re looking for reliability, vibrant colors, and a bit of sparkle, this set is a must-have for all your glitter epoxy projects.

  • Manufacturer: Mdk
  • Brand: Aen Art
  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 2.3 x 5.8 inches
  • Closure: Snap
  • Ink Color: Multicolor
  • Grip Type: Comfort grip
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Number of Items: 100

Extensive Glitter Set: Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Set for Crafting

Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Set for Crafting
Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Set for Crafting
ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens offer 32 vibrant, opaque colors with extra fine points perfect for detailed work on glass, rock, paper, ceramic, plastic, and non-porous surfaces. Water-based and AP certified, they’re ideal for glitter epoxy projects, ensuring sharp, professional results every time.

Add splashes of color with this extensive glitter set, which includes 100 vibrant glitter gel pens. These pens are perfect for crafting and intricate designs. From scrapbooking to doodling, their versatility shines.

Offer a wide range of colors, ensuring every crafting project has the perfect shade. With 100 options, the possibilities are endless. Each pen comes packed with glitter, providing a shimmering finish to your art.

Feature smooth ink flow, which makes drawing detailed designs a breeze. You won’t experience skips or clogs, ensuring a consistent line every time.

Include a comfortable grip, making long crafting sessions easier on your hands. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, these pens are designed for ease of use.

Provide long-lasting ink. Each pen has a generous ink supply, so you can keep creating without worrying about them running dry too quickly. They’re great for large projects and repeated use.

Technical Details:

Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Set for Crafting
Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Set for Crafting
ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens offer 32 vibrant, opaque colors with extra fine points perfect for detailed work on glass, rock, paper, ceramic, plastic, and non-porous surfaces. Water-based and AP certified, they’re ideal for glitter epoxy projects, ensuring sharp, professional results every time.
  • Manufacturer: Ningbo Zhengya Stationery Co., LTD
  • Brand: ZEYAR
  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Color: 32 Vibrant Colors
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Number of Items: 32
  • Size: 1 Count (Pack of 32)
  • Point Type: Extra Fine
  • Line Size: 0.7 Millimeters
  • Date First Available: December 14, 2018

Multisurface Use: ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens with Water Based Extra Fine Point

ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens offer versatility and precision for glitter epoxy projects. Designed with an extra fine point, these pens allow you to create intricate details with ease. Operating smoothly on multiple surfaces, including wood, stone, glass, and ceramics, they are ideal for diverse creative endeavors within glitter epoxy.

Equipped with water-based, non-toxic ink, ZEYAR’s pens are safe for all ages and environmentally friendly. They dry quickly, reducing the risk of smudging, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of your glitter epoxy artwork. These features make them a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced artists.

The pens come in a set of 18 vibrant and opaque colors, ensuring your designs stand out. Whether you’re working on a small charm or a large decorative piece, the wide range of colors offers ample choice for customization and detail.

One standout feature is their anti-roll barrel design. This prevents the pens from rolling off your workspace, ensuring they remain within reach and reducing potential messes. Combined with their consistent ink flow, these pens offer a seamless experience from start to finish.

Refillable and reusable, ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens provide longevity and value. You won’t need to replace them frequently, making them an economical option for regular crafters. The refill mechanism is straightforward, allowing you to maintain your tools effortlessly.

Additionally, the pens feature a transparent body, allowing you to monitor ink levels and avoid unexpected interruptions during your projects. This aspect enhances the user experience by keeping you informed and prepared at all times.

ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens are perfect for those looking to add detailed, vibrant designs to their glitter epoxy projects. Their multisurface compatibility, eco-friendly ink, and practical design features make them a standout choice in the world of craft pens.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pens for Glitter Epoxy

Pen Tip Size

Tip size matters. Fine tips (0.3-0.8mm) are great for detailing, while medium tips (1.0-2.5mm) balance fine lines and broader strokes. Consider the Medium Tip Glitter Markers by Aen Art for versatility.

Glitter Intensity and Color Variety

Strong glitter intensity enhances projects. Pens like Grabie’s 18-color glitter pens offer vibrant colors with metallic sparkle. Check the glitter concentration and range of colors to match your project’s needs.

Surface Compatibility

Check if the pens work on different surfaces. Some pens are better for paper, plastics, or epoxy-coated items. WOOPSOO Epoxy Pen Kit and GORGECRAFT pens are versatile, ideal for multiple surfaces.

Durability and Fade Resistance

Long-lasting pens ensure your artwork stays vibrant. Choose acid-free and water-resistant options like Aen Art’s markers for durability. Look for fade-resistant inks to preserve your design’s brilliance over time.

FAQs About Glitter Epoxy Pens

What Surfaces Can Glitter Epoxy Pens Be Used On?

You can use glitter epoxy pens on various surfaces like paper, glass, wood, and plastic. They’re perfect for customizing greeting cards, decorating glassware, and designing on wooden crafts. Always test a small area first to ensure compatibility.

How Do I Prevent Glitter Epoxy Pens from Clogging?

To prevent clogging, always shake the pen well before use. Store them horizontally to keep the ink evenly distributed. After using, cap the pens tightly. If a pen starts to clog, gently clean the tip with a damp cloth.

Are Glitter Epoxy Pens Waterproof?

Most glitter epoxy pens are waterproof once dry. They resist smudging and fading when exposed to moisture. However, check the product specifications for each pen to confirm its waterproof properties.

How to Achieve the Best Results with Glitter Epoxy Pens?

For the best results, use even pressure while drawing or writing. Work in a well-ventilated area to allow the ink to dry properly. Layer the ink if you want a more vibrant effect. Clean the tips regularly for consistent ink flow.

Tips for Using Glitter Epoxy Pens Effectively

  1. Prepare Your Surface – Ensure your surface is clean and dry. Dust and moisture can ruin the adhesion of glitter epoxy. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it down.
  2. Shake Well – Always shake your glitter epoxy pens before use. This mixes the glitter evenly throughout the ink, providing a uniform sparkle when applied.
  3. Test Before Use – Test the pen on a scrap piece of paper. This helps you get a feel for the ink flow and glitter distribution. Plus, it ensures the pen is working correctly.
  4. Layering – For a more intense glitter effect, apply several layers. Let each layer dry before adding another. This prevents smudging and gives a more professional look.
  5. Controlled Pressure – Apply gentle pressure to avoid overloading your project with too much ink. It’s easier to add ink than to remove excess, so start light and build up as needed.
  6. Tip Care – If your pen’s tip gets clogged, gently wipe it with a damp cloth. This keeps the ink flowing smoothly. Avoid pressing too hard on the tip to prevent damage.
  7. Use Sealant – For projects exposed to wear and tear, apply a clear, non-yellowing sealant after the ink dries. This protects your design and enhances its longevity.
  8. Storage – Store your glitter epoxy pens horizontally. This keeps the ink evenly distributed and ready for use. Make sure the cap is tightly sealed to prevent drying out.
  9. Cleaning Up – Clean spills and mistakes immediately with a damp cloth. Glitter epoxy ink can be hard to remove once it dries.
  10. Experiment With Techniques – Try blending different colors and layering glitter pens over other mediums. Your creativity can lead to unique and stunning effects in your projects.

These tips ensure you get the best results with your glitter epoxy pens. Whether you’re adding glam to a scrapbook or custom decorations, these insights will help you achieve a polished and professional finish.

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