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how to cut shoes?

Are the shoes too big? How to cut shoes 3 tips


Why not wear too big shoes?

Some people like to wear too big shoes. Meghan Markle is said to be doing this to prevent hallucinations. Is this a good idea? If we analyze it from the point of view of foot health – definitely not. When we wear too big shoes, we walk unnaturally and non-functionally. This can cause serious foot problems.

What if the shoes are too big?

The best way to solve the problem with big shoes, of course, is to buy the shoes that best fit your feet. If we buy shoes in a physical store, then we can try on the shoes. It’s important to do this at the end of the day when your feet are a little tired and add volume. In the online store, we must pay special attention to the correct measurement and adjustment of the foot to the parameters provided by the store or the shoe manufacturer.

Wear an extra pair of socks

The first way to improve the grip of oversized shoes is to wear two pairs of socks or one thicker one. The socks will fill the empty space in the shoe. This method is especially suitable for sneakers or winter shoes, which should not be a problem to put on a second pair of socks. However, it will not work when wearing shoes where socks are not welcome, such as moccasins, open shoes or sandals. Also, wearing an extra pair of socks in the summer can cause your feet to sweat profusely.

Fill more space inside the shoe

You can always fill the empty space around your fingers with soft material. These can be toilet paper, napkins, cotton balls or napkins. We put them or even glue them inside the shoe.

Use an extra insole

The above techniques, while relatively simple and economical, are best suited for emergencies where new shoes need to be adjusted quickly. Also, walking in shoes with two socks or padding on the front can be uncomfortable. In cases where long-term solutions are needed and foot comfort is a priority, insoles are best. Insoles are pieces of fabric that are placed in your shoes for comfort, warmth and a better fit. While the insoles do not physically reduce the size of the shoe, they fill the void between the feet on the inside of the shoe. Several types of insoles for sale, including:

  • Comfortable and genuine leather insoles, which are best used with sneakers. They give the foot comfort, allow it to breathe and fill it with extra inches.
  • Soft and thin silicone inserts that are perfect for buds, high heels , moccasins or ballerinas.
  • Felt insoles that can be inserted into boots, boots and other winter boots . They are thick and warm, perfectly filling the empty space in the shoe.

The inserts can be for the whole foot or just the front. In case the shoes too big cause the heels to rub, you can also buy so-called heels.

how to cut cloth shoes?
Are the shoes too big? How to cut shoes 3 tips 13

How to cut shoes?

If you have some time and really want your shoes to fit well and not fill things, you can try to shrink them a little at home:

  • Sprinkle water shoes with water from a sprayer or other sprayer. Keep shoes wet but not wet.
  • Dry the shoes with a hair dryer or dryer.
  • Measure your shoes. If they are still large, repeat all the steps again until the shoes are the size you want.
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