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big star sandals for women


When choosing shoes every day, we want them to be cheap shoes that, despite the favorable price, will pay off with comfort, design, timeless style and have that “something”. How to find models that will successfully combine this? Our online shoe store knows the answer – big star shoes will play that role. The Polish […]

office women 's shoes

Office dress code – what women’s shoes to choose?

The formal rules that determine appearance at work are called the dress code, they determine the style of employees. In offices, banks, insurance companies or uniforms, the right look is to legitimize professionalism and embody building material relationships with customers. The recommendations apply to makeup, hairstyles and clothing. An acceptable color palette includes faint colors […]

How to clean women's shoes? Espadriles

How to clean women’s shoes (espadrilles)? 3 tips

Espadrilles footwear of Spanish origin has won everyone’s heart this season. We will wear them in all variants – on a flat sole, platform and wedge heels, stapled and tied, muted shades and expressive colors. What to do when our espadrilles get dirty?How to make sure they look the same all day as the day […]

how to cut shoes?

Are the shoes too big? How to cut shoes 3 tips

DID YOU BUY YOUR PAIR OF DREAM SHOES AT SALE? BUT THEY ARE TOO BIG? YOUR FEET IS FREE IN YOUR DREAM SHOE? WE WILL SHARE SOME TIPS ON REDUCING YOUR SHOES. Why not wear too big shoes? Some people like to wear too big shoes. Meghan Markle is said to be doing this to […]

How to tie shoes?

How to tie shoes nicely? 3 ways

Wondering how to add a new, original character to your worn sneakers? Did you know the easiest way to do this? Just change the binding method. According to statistics, most of us mostly use the classic, most popular way of tying shoes. Meanwhile, there are many more ways to tie sneakers, sneakers and sneaker laces. […]

5 secrets on how to avoid high heel foot pain

How to stay all day with high heels? 5 tips

High heels are one of the most popular types of footwear, they can be found in practically every woman’s wardrobe. Walking with high heels has many advantages: they add a few inches, lengthen the legs, and the silhouette looks much more attractive. We usually choose high heels for special occasions, such as a party, a […]

How to choose the right slippers for the home

How to choose women’s slippers?

Women’s slippers, slippers are home shoes where we spend a lot of our time. These are shoes that we wear immediately after returning from work with tired feet, such as wearing high heels. For this reason, it is very important that the slippers are comfortable and ensure walking comfort. In them, our feet should rest […]

What kind of shoes to choose for jeans for women?

What shoes to choose for different types of women’s jeans?

Since its inception, jeans have caused a sensation all over the world. They are currently available in a variety of colors, styles and lengths. For this reason, each of us can choose the type of pants where we feel best – tight and close-fitting pants, straight-waisted trousers (mom jeans) or popular down-flowing bells. Fans of […]

women 's ballerina shoes

Women’s ballerinas – how to match them to the occasion and clothing?

The design of modern women’s ballerinas – as their name suggests – was inspired by classic ballerina shoes. The ballerina was first created by Rosa Repetto (a woman behind a famous French footwear brand) in 1956. Brigitte Bardot. The actress asked for a pair of shoes that would be as flexible as real ballet shoes. […]

What shoes to choose for outlets?

As for women, the most important rule when choosing graduation shoes: measure your intentions! Sure, thin high heels look impressive, but can you really imagine an all-night party in them? Especially if you usually choose fairly flat sneakers. Don’t forget to buy shoes in advance and train to walk on them. This will not only […]

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