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How to clean Szymel wool felt slippers?

Szymel brand slippers are made of 80% wool. Some models are made of boiled wool material. Cleaning your slippers depends on your style; if it is 4001, 4203, 4900, 4102, 4405 series slippers can be washed by hand or in the washing machine in the wool cycle at a temperature of 30⁰.Use a mild detergent […]

5 benefits of woolen socks

Wool – This is an excellent naturally obtained material that has many good properties. Socks made of natural wool are a great purchase for people who like active leisure time. Here are some reasons why woolen socks can be a great purchase or gift. 5 Advantages of woolen socks. Wool is an excellent insulator All […]

Kaip saugiai apsipirkti internetu

How to safely buy shoes online?

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity. There is nothing strange about that – online shopping is convenient and does not require extra time. What’s more, you can place your order regardless of the opening hours of the physical store. Unfortunately, not all products can be selected with the same ease. If you still don’t […]

4 models of high heels, thanks to which you will slim your legs

Do you dream of long and slender legs, but nature did not give you height? Fashion tricks come to the rescue – thanks to them, you can achieve amazing results in a surprisingly short time. How to lengthen the figure and enjoy the perfect style? Get to know 5 models of high heels, thanks to […]

rain boots for women

What shoes to wear in the rainy season? 3 tips

Although we have not yet said goodbye to summer footwear in September, the weather changes leave no doubt – autumn is fast approaching, and with it the rain. What kind of shoes should you wear to effectively protect yourself from the rain while looking stylish and feeling good? What shoes to wear in the rainy […]

Why should you choose natural wool slippers?

Why should you choose natural wool slippers?

Wool is the best material that nature gives us, because it has many incredible properties.People have enjoyed and used this fabric for many years and no one can argue with the use of woolto a person Here are some reasons why you should choose natural wool when buying new slippersfabric. Thermal control Regardless of the […]

the benefits of woolen slippers to a person and his health

5 reasons why you should buy wool slippers

Real sheep wool is a natural fiber that has been used by humans for hundreds of years. So who does thisold textiles so phenomenal? Is natural wool really so wonderful? Does she really haveproven health benefits? Let’s take a look at some great reasons why the benefits of wool slippers are undeniable. The strength of […]

advantages of szymel slippers

Sheep wool slippers are back in fashion

House shoes, also known as slippers, are slowly coming back into fashion. Did you notice? Thisa trend that started before Covid-19 and has since grown as more people have startedisolate and work from home. Thanks to our new relaxed dress code, flip flops in no timetook first place as a new wardrobe staple – especially […]

What shoes to choose on hot summer days

What shoes to choose for work on hot summer days? 3 ideas

The dress code does not know the seasons: in many workplaces, even on the hottest summer days, there is no exemption from the obligation to wear an office uniform, including appropriate footwear. If you use our guide, working in hot weather will not cause you discomfort! What shoes to choose on hot summer days? Shoes […]

care during hot summer days

How to take care of your feet on hot summer days

Summer offers many opportunities for active recreation. When the sun shines from the sky and the heat shines, the long walks often result in sweating, swelling or pain in the feet. Can it be avoided? Of course, check out how to take care of your feet in the heat so your feet carry you! Choose […]

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